Thursday, 30 December 2010

Not Again Please!!!

4th December 2009

The BC nurse rings up to rebook my appointment my appointment for today.
The distortion with my breast is so uncomfortable I cannot wear a cotton bra. I am really worried now because this is what my left breast did all those months ago. To go through the whole procedure as before I find daunting. Only because I know what pain I have to go through, but I do not see my usual consultant. This time it is a male registrar dealing with me. He looks at my notes asking me questions to fill in the spaces. Then while flicking through them he finds a piece of paper belonging to another patient in them. He quickly signals the nurse to take it away and find the persons notes it does belong in. I am sat there in shock at what I have just witnessed, but nothing surprises me anymore.

My BC nurse is there as usual trying to comfort me. I slip my top and bra off so the consultant can examine me behind the curtain. The swelling is still there, but not as big. The consultant books me in for another possible biopsy to be done on the right breast this time. Again it is to be done through ultra sound because the x-ray mammogram was only done in September just gone. I have my fingers tightly crossed that the problem is solved.

Text Carolyn to see how she is doing sent her a picture of one of the costumes. She was impressed with my handy work.

My daughter Kayleigh phones me about a message that was to be passed on to me from my younger sister. No surprise to me my eldest sister is saying how she was going to make a surprise visit. My daughter still does not know about the card she sent. So I said “Well pass this message back to my younger sister that she is not welcome and the injunction took out in 2000 still stands. Nothing more or less added these are the words to be passed on.”
It is Christmas and you can guarantee she will come floating down with some sad story. Hoping that I can forgive and forget. The facts are the woman does not know what the word TRUTH means. She hides behind the word JEALOUS all the time. This stress I do not need at all. Looking over my shoulder knowing she could be waiting at the bottom of our street. But this is what she does and is good at. Creating stress is my eldest sisters’ mission in life. She plays Mrs Bouquet when she is really she is Mrs Bucket. (No malice intended to the people called Bucket.) But my eldest sister is like the character on the television series. Anyway hopefully the threat is strong enough to keep her at bay. 

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