Thursday, 30 December 2010

Another Biopsy & No Babysitter!

18th December 2009

Again I am prepared for the ultra sound biopsy, but this time it is a different radiologist doing it. I had to take my youngest daughter with me because no-one could look after her. I sit her on the chair and say to her mummy is having her boobies checked again. She has a magazine, snacks to nibble on and a promise I will take her to McDonalds. I chat to her as they do the procedure and she was fascinated by it all. Her questioning was relentless which was funny to the medical staff. The radiologist was pregnant and I said “You have it all to come.”  
Sophia had seen enough hospital programs on television she was not squeamish at all. Like I explained to the nurse I’d been through the procedure with ultra sound before and knew it would not be an issue with her. If it was mammogram or a first time operation she would not be here.
The radiologist could only get one sample because my breast bled heavy. She was also worried about puncturing my lung. My poor breast is virtually none existent as it lays flat against my ribs. The radiologist did not want to try for any other samples because of the bleeding. So the procedure was soon over and I was taking Sophia back home on the 282 bus.
When Steve arrived home she started to tell him in her own words what they did. Finishing with the words “Now mummies booby is poorly again.”
The nightmare was supposed to end on the 16th October instead it is continuing

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