Thursday, 30 December 2010

Article And Aniversary

17th January 2010

I was contacted by a magazine today through face book. She said she liked what I had written on FB and wanted me to do an article. It was in support of women who have had mastectomys. Some say it is tacky supporting a badge women could wear. But I have had a mastectomy and emotionally it was no walk in the park. What am I suppose to do? Crawl back under my rock and sulk about something I had no control over? Be quiet not talk about it?
This is my choice and to me it was a lonely walk not being able to talk to others. Without going online or to some meeting at Maggie’s I had no-one. At least if I wear this badge people realise I am happy to speak out about it. As my friend said, “To educate those who do not know what they are looking for?” The facts are women are confused and are looking for lumps not thickening of breast tissue.
Before doing the article over the phone I spoke to family and friends. Each one supported my decision and view on the whole subject and its meaning. So I emailed the magazine back saying yes I will do the article.
Yes some women are upset about the experience they had and are going through. But I am not angry about what I have gone through it extended my life. The magazine is the winner not the person in it. Yes I agree with that too. Without people like me there would not be a magazine to sell.
But you could say that about Eastenders or Coronation street and any other media that has encroached on the subject. The facts are the more we talk about it. The more awareness is being put out there. Girls we need to check our breast. 

It is 2am and Steve climbs into bed and whispers. “Happy anniversary, sorry I did not get you a card, but I have been busy.” snuggling up to me.
“But it is on Wednesday not Monday.”
He paused and laughed at me. “Well you can’t say I forgot it can you.”
The thing is I bought our anniversary card weeks ago. It is in a draw out of the way collecting dust. Men can never think ahead just the here and now. Everything is either late or done last minute to make it look important. Women on the other hand plan ahead. We play the game we have forgotten, but really we can’t.

8 am bloody heating and hot water on the blink. I am so hoping they fix it sooner rather than later. You can only boil the kettle so many times to have a wash.
Steve is at work so he doesn’t have to deal with the cold in the house. He works at a leisure centre so he can take a towel and get a shower too. My back is aching where the scare is. The implant in my chest is playing the rebel because I have not had a bath to relax it. Yes ladies Implants and the cold don’t mix. Wouldn’t mind the implant has just started to soften instead of it being a hard lump.
Not only that but it feels like a peck because the muscle that cups the implant twitches.
I showed Steve and he did not look impressed at all. I just need my other breast to be matching it and they would be doing the muscle song dance in time.

Letter from the Big C hospital

Dear Dr ******,

Re: Ms Sarah Mendoza – DOB **/**/**** NHS Number: *** *** ****
       **, M*** **** Road, Northolt, Middlx *** ***

Diagnosis: Left mastectomy plus LD flap and implant (16th October 2009)

I reviewed this very pleasant young lady on behalf of Mr H. She underwent the above procedure for high grade DCIS with micro invasion. I am pleased to say that all has healed and that the left breast reconstruction is softening up. The scars have healed, and her shoulder mobility has improved.

Sarah reports that she is now under investigation for right-side breast lump. She recently had a core biopsy and is currently awaiting further discussion for the treatment at the MDT. I saw her together with Mr H and he advises that we wait until decision is made about treatment for her right breast until we consider any nipple reconstruction on the left side. He will discuss the treatment planned with Ms S this week.

In the meantime, I have suggested we see Sarah back in the Outpatient Department in two months’ time for further review.

Yours sincerely
Mr M

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