Thursday, 30 December 2010

Dangers Of Forums!

29th March 2010

I went onto my FB account to see Steve had put me as his wife. I sent him the request ages ago. Men don’t seem to understand small things mean the world with this diseases. Maybe this is his way of reassuring me.
My treatment is not yet finished and until it has, my life is in turmoil. My confidence has been given the biggest knock ever.
Last night I returned to the Macmillan chat room out of curiosity. Some of the old names are still there because of their treatment.
I had not taken on board that people will go on there and make up a profile for attention. We were discussing how they will make up a story like:
My boyfriend has develop prostate cancer and only has months to live.
So in revolt we all typed up the hospital we are attending and consultant treating. Those that were not genuine soon vanished. So the warning is there when going on chat rooms. The attention seekers are out in force for whatever their reasons, all be careful.
Why Macmillan don’t have some sort of vetting system in place is something I question. I have noted it is not just one cancer web forum but all have the same problem. These people make a nuisance of themselves leaving people feeling vulnerable.
One women as we were discussing this problem in open said “I wanted information on my husband’s condition, but I think I have changed my mind.” She left the chat room with a polite thank you for your time.
Yes there are dangers on any forum or chat room with invasion of personal information. But these people are after attention and someone to talk too. Which I find very upsetting for those who are genuine.

Letter arrived from Plastic surgeon appointment I had on the 1st March. They certainly do have plans for my left breast.

Dear Ms S

Re: Ms Sarah Mendoza – DOB **/**/**** NHS Number: *** *** ****
       **, M*** **** Road, Northolt, Middlx *** ****

I reviewed this lady in Mr H clinic today some four months following left mastectomy with reconstruction using LD flap and implant.

I understand that she awaits further investigation to a lump in her right breast, which she tells me she is receiving under your care. However, she was a little unclear about the current management plan. I would be grateful if you could let us know your thoughts, as this may have a bearing on our plans for her left breast.

Surgically she had no problems. All her wounds have settled down and healed well. In terms of shape and volume, she has a reasonable result.

I have therefore given her an appointment for three months’ time to be reviewed in this clinic and look forward to hearing from you in the meantime.
With kind regards.

Mr T

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