Thursday, 30 December 2010

Maggie's & My Good News

27th October 2009

I went back to see my plastic surgeon today. He was impressed with the results apparently I had made excellent progress with no complications. He checked the wounds and removed any remaining dissolvable stitching sticking out. I still have a rash from the sticky plaster they used on my breast. So he prescribed me some hydrocortisone cream to clear it up.
My next door neighbour had told me about the Maggie centre on the grounds of Charing Cross hospital. So I popped in to see what it was like and meet the staff. They were a friendly bunch of people and gave me leaflets on various things they can help with. I thought I would book myself in for a massage the following week. I would strongly advice everyone to go to at least talk and get advice it is an amazing place.
They only have seven of the walk in centres spread throughout the UK. I find this a disgrace because they offer a excellent service to all cancer suffers. The government should organise more support for them to build more centres on hospital sites. So patients and families can pop in during or after treatment to talk and meet people.
I am comfortable with my own illness and I feel I do not need this service like some do.  But listening to some of the people sat round a table drinking coffee waiting on appointments or treatment finished it is a small rest bite from the appointments. A chance to catch up on gossip or treatment up and coming with trials.

The good news is I had a small amount of pre cancer on my breast muscle. The rest was localised within my ductal tissue. So I need no further treatment or medication, but I was warned that if I had left it a year I would have been talking a different story.
I’m going to have a three monthly check-up to start with and then they will become wider apart once she is satisfied nothing else is happening, but if at any time I feel something is wrong to contact them and they will make an appointment.
My oncologist consultant was not so pleased with my new breast. She said “What do you think? Is it ok?”
“It is better than nothing and it still needs to settle down.” Trying to convince myself I was ok about it.
“Well if you are happy.” Was her reply, but how can a women be happy about something that does not feel natural to her?
She checks my movement in my arm and says I need some physio.
“I will organise an appointment for you.” She said.
“So all you need is your nipple doing. Has he discussed anything with you yet?”
“Briefly before the operation.” I reply.
“Well I would like to see you in six weeks time. We will put your appointment in the post.”
Finally I can move forward without the feeling of dread. 

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