Thursday, 30 December 2010

More Bad News

5th April 2010

The smell of sea air brings back a flood of memories. Redcar is not much different to Scarborough my home town. It has a promenade and arcades like Scarborough. I watch the tide roll in and out on the beach with the cold sea breeze. The excitement running through Sophia is plain to see as she dashes back and forth collecting pebbles in a bucket. Once upon a time I had that innocence and excitement for new experiences. Now I feel deflated and numb with no real path. They say get on with your life now your treatment is done. It is easy to say than do in this frame of mind.
All my mum wanted was to retire and go on holidays. To live comfortably, but mother nature has other ideas. It is strange the very two people that argued over money cannot enjoy the proceeds. My dad has passed away now, but now my mum has been rushed into hospital. The explanation into her condition is her spinal cord at the top of her neck has pressure building up on it. So it means an urgent operation is needed to correct it.
The doctors said that there is a possibility that the injury mum received from the accident in 2006. Could have triggered the slow pressure build up on the top her spine. She already had problems with her bones because of an hereditary condition. So the accident could of added to the problem. So it is not a real answer, but a possibility to her problem. 
What else can mother nature through our way?

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