Thursday, 30 December 2010

My GP Apologises, But Mistakes Happen..

25th September 2009

Saw my GP today and I felt sorry for him. He was so apologetic about my situation, but he could not of known. I look at him direct trying to control the tears that were welling up in my eyes. The facts are he could not have known not unless he was superman with x-ray vision.
He explained when he saw the results for high progesterone he thought I had a tumour on my pituitary gland. I honestly do not know what is worse a tumour in my head or breast cancer. Especially because of the connection with my dad and the fact he had a tumour in his head.
He inspects the wound in my armpit and smiles.
“Wow that is a neat job. Are you still getting any pain?”
“Yes, it still throbs, but they say it takes a few weeks for it to calm down.” I reply putting my top back on.
“ Have you started to excise?” I look at him confused. The hospital had not given me any leaflets for exercises. I remember from when I damaged my shoulder the type of exercise I should do.
The truth is I can’t be bothered contacting my breast care nurse to find out. After her reply about the biopsy. The patient BC nurse bond has been broken. Thankfully I am well versed in what to do and how. As long as I gently stretch the area I will gradually get movement back. It concerns me that people are not following the rules of aftercare at all. No-one is making sure the patient is informed of certain things. It is important to get your arm moving as soon as possible because of scaring and stiffing. If left it can lead to physio being required. The fact there is only one BC nurse in a very large hospital is worrying to. Yet again cut backs strike back!

“What is the date for the operation do you know yet?” the GP asks leaning back in his chair.
“I am back at the clinic on the 30th, but they did say the 6th October.” I reply
“Well at least they are dealing with you fast. You are one lucky lady for them to find it so quickly.”
I smile at him and nod in acknowledgement of what he has just said.
Anybody else would of felt angry that it was not detected sooner. My friends have said they would  of complained, but this man was genuinely upset that he had not diagnosed it himself. We discuss my operation and reconstruction in detail. He admired that I have remained positive saying it is a good approach to have during treatment and after.  
I leave my GP pondering on my notes and asking myself.
How many more do GP’s not get right? How many more are let down by the system they should trust?

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