Friday, 31 December 2010

R.I.P Gertie

30th July 2010
We had the Annual BBQ Steve holds at our house. I did potato salad, coleslaw and macaroni pie. It is a Trinidadian event on the calendar which a lot of people look forward to, but the mess after is something I dread. Men are good at organising a get together, but the clear up side is not there strong point. Plus Steve likes to do things last minute which I personally hate. We have 150 plus people expected and to me it should be more organised. He says I don’t have to do nothing. The truth is I have to do a lot and those things he does not see. Don’t get me wrong people help and do there bit, but I am a control freak on certain issues.

I was pleasantly surprised by the end of night the mess was minimum and only a few pots to wash. The crowd was a good bunch and friendly. Normally I end up sat in a corner twiddling my thumbs, but this year I enjoyed it.

It has also been a emotional week and one which leaves me numb. One of the BC ladies passed away. She lost her fight with breast cancer this week. The shock is echoing through my face book page. We are confused and angry because really it should not have happened. The girls do not know how to handle the grief they feel inside. It is like a bubbling pot with no end. So the shock of her death is leaving us scared and uncertain.
We keep crying on and off discussing our upcoming treatments. We discuss her story of being misdiagnosed leaving her treatment to late. It is sending nothing but worry through all of the group. As a group we constantly hear of such stories echoing through forums, but we had spoke to her and others had met her. If I had gone to the Tamworth event I would of met her myself. Lyn explained to me how she was bubbly and bright she would not let the disease beat her, but now with her death you question what hope do we have if people are being blasé about our treatment. Leaving us at risk and torture of this dreaded disease. She had three young children, a loving husband  and was only 36.
R.I.P. Gertie you will be sadly missed.

My face book page is full of birthday wishes, but there is also the dark cloud. The facts are when you become an member of such a group it can lead to a sad event.
Each women is at varying stages of treatment with a uncertain cloud hanging. So we have all grouped up and are supporting each other in the only way we know. Humour and positivity because we know the gertie (nick name given to the group) that passed away would not want us to give up our fight.

We enjoyed our family special day out organised by Willow foundation. It was fantastic first stop was the Rain forest cafe. Our youngest daughter was taken aback with the whole place. Monkeys, butterflies and the rumble of thunder left her jumping with excitement. The meal was fantastic with happy birthday sang at the end for me and Steve. It was just the beginning to what the foundation had arranged, but we were impressed.
Once the meal was finished we headed for the Lyceum theatre with two hours to kill. We decided to cut through Covent garden to see what was happening there. I bumped into a impersonator of Capt Jack Sparrow. The camera was out and picture was taken. Then we cut through Soho and my hubby decided he wanted some acupuncture done. It was a sight to be seen.
Once all that was done it was 6.30pm and we were ready for the theatre.
The curtain came up and the show began with cast members dressed and moving animated animals down the aisles. It was jaw dropping and spectacular leaving even Steve questioning the whole show. Our youngest daughter did not move from her seat until the interval. Our eldest daughter who had seen the show when she was eleven and had advised me to ask for this show because of Sophia. Was proud as punch watching Sophia’s reactions at various sections. It was a memory she would not forget in a hurry.
In the interval the manager sat beside us explaining that at the end of the show she would meet us by a door near the stage.
The show finished at 10.30pm and received a standing ovation.
The excitement of knowing I’d get to see a big production back stage was something I could not hide. I was at the door before everyone else and patiently waiting for my husband to stop texting on his phone. As our tour began on stage my eyes were instantly drawn to the ceiling. I know the tricks of the trade to well if it cannot be seen on the floor look up. The manager explained how they had one costume failure tonight and how Timon’s face cost £5000 to make. The whole thing left me shivering with excitement. I knew deep inside I could do this and more. I explained to her what I did and she said that is how she started more or less ten years ago. I looked at Steve for a positive push, but hey water would freeze first. He was full of questions himself and that was that. Once the tour was done we were taken upstairs to the backstage door. While there I met one of the props and puppets designers. The thought of knowing I could actually work alongside this man was spurring me on.   
The advice I was given by the manager was to get a portfolio done of my work. So ladies and gentlemen watch this space.

Me, Sophia & Kayleigh

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