Thursday, 30 December 2010

Up Yer Viva Ladies!

2nd June 2010

My three monthly check has arrived not that I hold out much hope of getting questions answered. After asking Steve on various occasions about coming with me he does turn up. Well he would look an utter arse if he did not and I had convinced myself it would mean filling for divorce if he was not there. I need support not constant stress on whether my partner actually gives a damn. One of his excuses was that it may clash with a hair appointment he made, but that was quickly resolved because his hair appointment is tomorrow.

Before seeing my oncologist a women asks me to follow her into a room. She was getting women together to do some research. They needed my permission for tissue samples to be released and a blood sample from myself. They are trying to solve DCIS and look for possible connections. Of course I am not going to refuse the research being done. If it means some poor women is saved from going through what I am going through, I will sign the paperwork she holds. We discuss my cancer and my treatment, but with laughter. She admired the fact I am getting on with my life even though it keeps getting interrupted with appointments. We end our conversation with a signature and a shake of the hand.
As I go back into the waiting room I see my husband as arrived. I take a seat and explain what was discussed in the room. An automated nod was his response to what I was saying and one word “ Good.” The fact I had been nursing this man with an injury he incurred on the football field does infuriate me. The least he could do is show more interest in what I am saying, but nothing new.
I am taken to a room to see another one of my oncologists sidekicks. It is obvious I am no longer important, but I had seen this gentleman on previous appointments recently so he is no stranger.
He asks me a few questions about my treatment. I roll my eyes yet again because it was the same questions he asked last time. His behaviour towards the paperwork in front of him was total confusion. Then I blurt out, “My breast is now producing brownish milk.”
He explains he will check that on examination and continues his questions on tests done recently. He mentions the fact my ducts are swollen as if I am nursing a child.
I look towards the window thinking how many more times do we have to go through this questioning. All I want is the pain to go away and I move on my merry way.
When he eventually examined me if you could call it an examination it was a quick stroke and done. I look at the man thinking what was that? At least my oncologist did a full press and prod not him. Before he made a quick escape I pinched my nipple to show him the discoloured liquid sat in my breast. He got quickly excited and said yes we need a sample of that. On his observation the milk is not brown but green. The sample was put on a slide to be checked. Not only that he orders my bloods to be checked for cancer cells and pro-lactin levels. Yes I say to myself, he has shown some sense of wanting to get to the bottom of this. I am told to take pain killers and the test results will be discussed in a meeting tomorrow. He would also send me a letter with the findings and what further treatment if any is required.
As we leave the room Steve said, “I don’t think you have anything to worry about.”
Yes again he may be right about the whole situation, but I honestly don’t care. My bloody breast hurts and I want it to stop.

Everyone was waiting to find out if anything was being done about my breast.
Lyn had been doing her own research on the internet and had found an article.

I did a google search with - GreenGreen tea discharge from nipples and this is what I could find. You may want to do your own google search.

Dark green nipple discharge - mammary duct ectasia

I am 28 with fibrocystic breasts. For the past week my left breast has oozed dark green fluid but I do not have the usual swelling or pain. Could this be cancer? My doctor has ordered a mammogram.

The discharge may be due to the fibrocystic disease. However, such greenish discharge is also characteristic for an inflammation of the breast ducts called mammary duct ectasia which is not usually related to an underlying cancer nor does it put you at greater risk than the normal for breast cancer. Ectasia is an inflammation of the breast ducts that is not caused by bacteria. While it is usually a benign process, it can sometimes look like a cancer on a mammogram and thus will most likely require a biopsy. Also, surgery may be indicated if there is a very persistent, copious discharge, breast pain, nipple retraction or an underlying mass thought to be an abscess or inflammatory mastitis. It is difficult to treat and excision of the inflamed ducts is only about 85% successful. Whether the mammogram is benign or not, you should see a surgeon experienced in breast disease for further management.

So why on earth can’t my oncologist just say what is above. At least that is an answer and I can switch off. Why are women made out to be nutters? All of my symptoms’ are above and it takes a friend to find this not an oncologist.

I have nearly completed the nineteen waistcoats the theatre wanted. So I start the netted skirts and it did not take long to finish them. I must admit they look fantastic and it is going to a well worth event, but something was niggling me. The birthday girl would be left out and I could not have that. So I call Lyn up and tell her about the predicament. She could see where I was coming from straight away. I tell her I will make a pink/black waistcoat to even things up. Lyn thought it was a excellent idea, but I said it was not from me but the BC ladies.
We spoke to a couple of her friends and the writing on the back was to be, ‘Up Yer Viva 40’.

I managed to get the material for the waist coat and I am well pleased. What people don’t realise about this disease is small things make a heap of difference. The fact that a total stranger without a second thought had gone out of her way to do something. Will bring tears, but at the same time a smile.
It took me six hours to do the waistcoat and I put it on Gladis (My tailors doll.) and the skirt and waistcoat looked fantastic. I knew I had to ring Lyn back up and tell her. She said she would give one of the skirts to the birthday girl. I sent pictures of the outfit to Lyn and one of the birthday girls friends to ok it. They were both really pleased and could not believe what I had done. Well the desired affect was there let’s hope the birthday girl likes it.

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