Thursday, 30 December 2010

A Wheel For Thought

4th January 2010

I had another review at the Big C hospital with the plastic surgeon. They want my nipple reconstruction to start in March. They would start it sooner except for the investigation going on into my right breast by my cancer consultant. So it has been put on hold until my results from the core biopsy comes back.
I expressed my concerns over the fact a lump was in my right breast from the beginning. That the consultant I saw right at the beginning reassured me it was nothing to worry about, but why would my right breast flare up like the left breast did.
The plastic surgeon tried to comfort me in the fact that I am still being watched very closely. The condition I had was high grade and they will be checking me at regular intervals.

****** hospital to myself:

Dear Mrs Mendoza,

We are pleased to report that the needle biopsy results were absolutely fine with no worrying features; we look forward to see you routinely in the breast clinic in three months time. An appointment date will be sent to you.

Kind regards
Mr N

A dream I had a few days ago  had showed me how to make the ships wheel for one of the production. It was like having a map guiding me for every piece I needed. This would sound crazy to some people, but sometimes that is how a design can come together.
I was going to make the Ships wheel come hell or high water.  So during the week I visited the carpet shop and got a length of cardboard tubing. Then I went to Halfords to get some card which they use to pack bikes in. The last stop was Primark for their gift wrap on a smaller card tube which had been reduced to twenty pence each. It is designed to be light weight, but solid with square pieces of card and the wrapping paper/newspaper stuffed inside the spaces and tubing etc to give strength. The design of the spindles’ are made by wrapping paper round the tubes and fruit shoot bottles for the tops. Then to make it even more solid I used paper mashie. Simple, but straight forward design with no hic-ups. Once it is painted it will be the bizzzz.

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