Monday, 24 January 2011

I Am Tired of Hearing The Blame Game

I woke up this morning to the headlines on Sky news ‘World health organisation blaming unhealthy lifestyles for high levels of breast cancer in Britain.’ I am tired of hearing the blame game and the government hiding behind these so called reports. Are we so stupid to believe only half the story?
Yes! I agree our lifestyles are a part of the problem, but I argue that behind the word lifestyle is a much deeper problem.
I should not have breast cancer hanging over my head. I walk everywhere and always have. My frame is slim and I weigh in at just below nine stone. My diet is strictly controlled because of the diabetes. I have not smoked a cigarette and my alcohol intake is two glasses every three months.  I am not one for easy fast foods I like my meat and vegetables too much. So what part of my lifestyle is to blame for my breast cancer? Who is going to explain this to me and why?
I can make a valid argument which everyone understands and knows.
That milk is tampered with along with the cereal before I consume it. Bread, the grain has been genetically altered before it is ground down for flour. Most meats have been injected with hormones before being slaughtered. Water rumour has it that the very water I drink has traceable levels of hormones. This cross contamination is there because of the contraceptive pill. This is affecting the fertility in men.  We live in a society built up on easy living and our governments are well aware of the dangers that are waiting to spew forth.
Can it be the poor versus the rich argument? No! Breast cancer affects women across the board.
So what is the truth?
The royals in the U.K are smart. They eat their own home grown produce. They have returned to an independent lifestyle free of pesticides. They even drink spring water from Scotland not Thames valley water out of a tap. Their explanation is to ease the cash flow, but what if they know the contamination of our food is a lot more serious? What would you do? Why stay in a city that is flooded with pollutants. When you can go to Scotland and the pollution is less. The eco argument they use wisely and they do not hide the facts.
My argument is clear there are a number of issues which are feeding the breast cancer rise. But until our government addresses the amount of chemicals within our foods this includes cross contaminants. It will forever leave a loop of doubt in my head.

On a postive note me and my youngest daughter are doing the Race 4 Life.

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