Wednesday, 19 January 2011

My Biopsy is Clear... Ohhh Yeahh!

The Biopsy showed no abnormalities just fibrous tissue, but to me the fact they had solved the pain was brilliant. Now It is my time to move forward and stop worrying.
Ok, so I still have the run of appointments, but those appointments I will treat like my diabetes appointments. They are my MOT for good health and nothing more. 

I can finally smile and take hold of the gremlin and kick it to the side. When you get breast cancer no matter what type or grade you fear the outcome. We are all individuals who do not want this disease. I was one of the few that caught it before the real damage could be done. I had been dealt the wrong cards, but my percentage at the beginning although bad has taught me a valuable lesson. None of us know how long we have on this planet so every second is precious.
We all carry the very cells that can turn on us. It is our building blocks, our defence/genes that are our enemy. Cancer is just a word that simplifies all the information given.
The breast cancer lottery is not just a percentage, but a test of endurance. I have not yet been given the all clear, but I must put my energy into other exciting things.
I pray that one day we can go to sleep without the worry. That the researchers find out why our breasts have become ticking time bombs, but for now the support network I'm in has easied a lot of my fears. So if you are in doubt no matter how small tell someone. Do not sit and worry because you fear you will not be taken serious. It is your voice that can make a difference and only you can speak loud and clear to solve it. I did and now although I did not have a recurrance my pain and worry is solved.

I want to write children’s books and illustrate them.
I want to climb Ben Nevis.
I want to design something very special that symbolises breast cancer to me.
I want to go Study and get certificates lots of certificates.
I want to LIVE! And be Sarah again!
In fact I want to do lots of things and nothing is going to stop me!


  1. I climbed Ben Nevis last year after having BC!

  2. I got my fingers firmly crossed on achieving this.. Was it fun?