Saturday, 5 February 2011

I've Found My Trigger.. Now What!....

My husband advice me to narrow the diabetes information down, but sometimes when you open doors it can reveal unwanted answers. The internet is a wonderful tool if handled with kid gloves. I went on a quest tapping onto various pages on the internet. Each page says the same thing for diabetes. Then one special page I open gives a link on type 2 diabetes and breast cancer. Not once did I believe there was a connection with the two life threatening conditions. Turns out there are strong connections with both diseases. This connection is being heavily researched and the data is still being analysed.
The plastic surgeon said I would be under close observation. I am high risk not just because of the biopsy result, but because of the diabetes. I did not realise what he was trying to tell me up until now. My biopsy results were more interesting than hearing the repeat about my diabetes that I had heard so often. When they mention diabetes I presume they mean infection not that it is a possible bloody trigger for breast cancer. I feel like a guinea pig in a cage everyone trying to see what next. My family wanted to know why I had breast cancer. Well maybe they should have asked why I have Diabetes. Maybe the answer is there. I feel angry because no-one told me about the connection or it was dismissed. You hear about going blind, losing a limb. The effects of diabetes are well noted, but cancer is a new monster added to the already long list of possible.

When speaking to my husband about my findings I am laughing. I said what next do I find that fairies do exist and I get one wish as a reward. He said it is no laughing matter and I should take it serious. I pull a face and say I am serious, but what am I to do? You told me to research more and brother I found the crock of gold. I turn away bemused at his response. What was I suppose to find a mystical cure for all my ills.   
The more you walk this path the more you realise how fragile you really are.
The breast cancer lottery plot thickens by the day. So my breast and pancreas fighting is not far from the truth. How bloody ironic that an innocent observation is actually the truth. I have been advised by friends and family to print the information off. On my next oncologist appointment present it with questions to be answered. 
If my diabetes is the trigger should I now go ahead and remove my other breast?
The statistics now say 1 – 8 women will be affected by breast cancer in their lifetime in the UK. Breast cancer is becoming an epidemic. If swine flu jumped to the levels of breast cancer there would be a national outcry.

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