Tuesday, 15 February 2011

No More Glitches Plzzzz

My appointment to have my stitches removed from under my breast went without a hitch literally. I hate it when a stitch gets snagged and it makes you yelp, but this time all was smooth.
Had an interesting and informative conversation with the nurse who had to do the task. She complimented me on being such an easy patient to deal with. She found I was totally relaxed about my breast reconstruction which is not always the case. Patients will look elsewhere in the room or try to shield their eyes from seeing it. My reply was direct. But what else can I do? Cry! My tears are long gone believe me. If I ever shed any at all it was through frustration out of not being in control. My breast may not be perfect or even mine, but I am here and talking. My situation could be a lot worse than the scares I show off. Besides I get to have a tattoo for free and without pain. I smile at the nurse and hold my hands up in the air as if challenging some hidden Mr meaner that caused me all this trouble. Like I said it is all about control you can feel sorry for you or beat it into submission. Don’t you find that you want to be in control as a nurse?
Her reply was also direct. I would not like to be sick no matter what. The thought of going through what many women that passes my door does scare me.
Again I’m drawn to the fact medical staff know and see everything. At times you can understand why they switch off and go through their day in an automated way. It gives them the strength to support rather than have an emotional outburst, but at times you question where all that emotion gets stored.
I dropped off at the Maggie centre to have my usual cup of coffee. Isn’t it strange how someone else’s coffee can taste better than yours? I do not drink coffee at home or tea, but if out and about I’ll have a social cuppa. It breaks the routine into whilst discussing utter rubbish to pass the hours away. I think that little conversation I had with the nurse has spurred me into a positive. As I walk from the Big C hospital grounds down towards Hammersmith I feel a smile emerging.

My life is on the up; my hubby bought me a bunch of flowers with a bowel of crab/sweet corn soup for Valentine’s Day. That is way more than I got last year and something tells me the tide is changing for the better I hope. They say to make a relationship work you must take the rough with the smooth. Our relationship has had a lot of rough with no smooth to speak of. Little things can make a heap of difference to get things back on track. Let us hope that from now on there are no more glitches to spoil things.

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