Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Stress Management

I did as I was told and visited my Diabetes nurse today. Whether I like to admit it I have two issues not one. My pancreas is playing the devils tune again. One minute the sugar level is stable the next it is up. My twenty year battle with this disease has left me in some deep depressive spots. I would be constantly preoccupied with my weight, but with time I was able to adjust. Then of cause the dreaded cancer compacted on my already stressed out body.
I went into deep discussion about my operation and the stress factors. My argument was valid, but they need to control my levels before they get out of hand. It was explained to me that the data they have still leaves a gap on what type of diabetic I am. Although I say type two I do not fit into the category of type two. The normal profile of type two is thirty plus, overweight & abusive to one’s body. I was nineteen, very skinny, with attitude and lived a healthy productive life. I said my body suffers from hypochondria it doesn’t exist. Although there was laughter in that office my condition is serious. We agree on one thing my bloods need repeating on a starvation test. This way they can monitor my liver function and kidney as well. Tomorrow I have my retinal test done on my eyes. I hate this test because I have to hide away until the eye drops wear off. My pupils are dilated to full capacity so they can check the back of my eyes. I call all these tests my MOT which is done yearly. One of my friends said you are getting slapped from both ends. My reply is yeah but who else could take this shit and be humorous about it. A mix batch of appointments that make sure my rebellious body does not have the last say. I have two life threatening conditions if not monitored can kill me how nice is that? There is an image in my head of a pancreas and breast fighting in a ring.

‘No I’m taking the bitch!’
‘No I’m taking the bitch!’
‘I was here first!’
‘But you did a crap job now let the expert show you how it is done!’
‘Take that pancreas!’
‘No you take that breast!’
‘I tell you what let’s work together she’ll soon give in.’

I say all of this with a smile, but seriously if it isn’t the cancer the diabetes will sneak in. It is all about stress management.

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