Wednesday, 9 February 2011

A Tiny Robin Can Kick Arse!

This month is a busy month for appointments. First I had a review of my eyes which showed no signs of diabetic retinopathy. Then I had my dressing checked on my breast at The Big C hospital. The nurse was pleased at the clinic and my stitches are to be removed on 14th. I also have my MOT of bloods to be taken on the 17th for diabetes. On the 21st I have my review for nipple reconstruction with Mr H at Big C hospital. So it is a case of buses and tubes with a lot of waiting in between.
The diabetes is an issue that sadly needs medication for it to be controlled now, but if I hear one more person say stay away from chocolate again I’ll thump them. It takes more than a piece of chocolate for diabetes to become an issue. Yes I do need to take control of my sugar levels in my blood stream, but I say the whole situation is more complex. Your blood when not achieving energy has a habit of burning fats from your body which in turn elevates your sugar levels. My nurse said it clearly shows you have good management of your sugars levels because you have remained border line for twenty years. So I stick a single finger in the air at those trying to stress me out about my eating habits lol. Yes I enjoy chocolate, but I eat it in moderation depending on what I have consumed that day. Not only that I tell the truth when I speak to my consultants rather than say I’m a perfect patient. Being on the ball with any medical condition rather than locking yourself away is the only way to be. Let’s face the truth diabetes and cancer is not the best position to be in, but it is being managed.

The Race for Life sponsorship is going well or at least it will be. After recent events that took place on my FB page I realise as usual that I am in control. Friends and acquaintance have offered their services in trying to raise the cash. I have an excellent idea which is now being used and could turn into a business if handled correctly. My life is slowly moving forward without a doubt and on a level I can manage. To be perfectly honest I have never felt this excited in months. So bring it on! I’m a tough bird after all just like Mr Robin.

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