Thursday, 24 March 2011

Do Not Judge A Book By Its Cover!

Do Not Judge A Book By Its Cover!
This phrase I use on a regular bases. Whilst my exterior is all positive and let’s raise awareness deep down sometimes I just want to explode. After my post ‘I Am Not Perfect Anymore!’ It strongly highlighted how the general public’s perception of BC can be tainted if taken in the wrong direction.
My outburst of emotion could easily be twisted into an excuse of your just bitter, but really my words are the realistic truth of a true account of BC. Sometimes you must speak out to be heard for others to try and even develop an understanding.
Whilst some of us laugh at pink wigs and say there is no harm done, even me? The few that sit in the wings watching silently have a right to disagree.
We are not sheep!
We live in a democracy where those with a different account of events should not be muted. If you mute a person they can become withdrawn within society and that is damaging. I understand certain organisations want to promote a positive and not a negative account of breast cancer. But the positive and negative sides go hand in hand to develop a true understanding of this disease. BC women should be able to express their true inner thoughts on BC for them to try to move forward. This any BC organisations should understand and take on board before setting up. That some BC suffers may not be acceptant of their policies and promotional material.

 If society was not so built up on visual perfection maybe the scares would not run so deep on a women’s way of thinking.
My dignity has been given a serious knock, but the fact I am smiling means I have moved on.
That is a total lie!
Like so many BC suffers out there my journey with BC stretches out into years rather than a week or a month it is far from over. Every time you enter an office with a consultant your heart misses a beat with an inner ache. The smiles are there just to reassure the few that my sanity/humour is still intact.
Promoting a false security blanket!
I cannot knock the pink camouflage of BC it is what raises cash for research, but I do knock the fact that certain scrupulous companies use BC to promote their products i.e. Schwartz. To promote their products as a possible preventative of BC or cancer to me is ludicrous. There is no evidence that can back up a dried herb as a preventative of cancer. There are anti-toxin properties in freshly grown herbs which are still being researched.
So Schwartz get of the band wagon of BC please! Keep your dried herbs where they belong on a supermarket shelf. Let cancer research decide where a cure/preventative can be found they are the experts.

Anyway my rant is done for now until next time that is. Now onto a more positive note and I love positives. I have been invited to take part as an extra in a music video. It is a jazz number and a very well known song. I have a lovely little black dress to wear. Even though you most probably will not see it in the video or me, but I am just pleased to be concentrating on something else other than breast cancer ;-D

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