Sunday, 13 March 2011

Take A Chance Who Knows What’s Around The Corner

Both interviews went well and once my references are clear for one which is the volunteer position. I will be back in the driving seat doing what I love creating smiles.
My second interview was for a television advert for JML. I learned loads from that meeting not sure if it is for me though. I hate the idea of deceiving the public into buying crap. They were looking for people who are very convincing on camera. This is fine when you’re trying to sell a product for a company, but something doesn’t sit right for me. Anyway it is a start doing a local community project rather than a false smile. And the payment for doing the advert is not payment it is to cover cost and travel expenses.
Whilst I was researching the advert interview I found a website searching for actors for a film. I checked it all out and found it to be genuine so I’m going to have a crack at it. It was an improv piece and I kind of enjoyed it. When I was at secondary school my drama teacher said I should do acting. Apparently he rated me highly in my reports from school, but I did not have the confidence to follow it through I always saw me as a no body. That’s why I say I’m a background person rather than up front. I think doing the calendar shoot made me look at myself differently. I may not be the best looking women out there, but I have character. I had already done a couple of appearances on Television before now as a contestant. At the time I was trying to raise cash to get my own home for me and my eldest. The production team even then said the camera loved me, but they say anything to build your confidence up.
When I met Steve all that excitement fell to the wayside and I become a mum for the second time. So doing the calendar made me realise what I was missing out on. It is not about being in a film. It is about saying I can do that. I had a good nosey at all the other pieces on the web page and stuck my neck out. If the axe comes down then so be it I can say I tried.

Cupcake sleeve (Hungry Caterpillar theme)

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