Monday, 21 March 2011

To Spring Clean Or Not To Spring Clean!

The first day of spring is quickly approaching and so are the usual chores of turning the cupboards out. Yes I could ignore and pretend that it is not important, but truthfully I’m on kick arse mode. A good spring clean can be very therapeutic on the soul and mind. It helps you to dust the cobwebs on your brain and sift through unwanted garbage. The frustrations that you have spent months arguing internally over can easily become very transparent. But recently I have neglected all and now I have to play catch up.
My husband has no interest in the house or its needs. He knows he has a wife who is more than capable at doing DIY on her own. It has all been left to me cancer or no cancer from the minute I moved in. If I refuse he knows with time I will get frustrated and pick up a hammer.
I will have the last laugh though because he hates pink. Now would I dare do that...? Oh yes! ;-D
To make a house smile and not crumble you need the time and money. Both of these are in short supply in my marriage especially when we are constantly replacing things due to neglect.
Yes! I am materialistic, but not a branded person. I like to know when I buy something it lasts for some time not just a week or a month. (That is the single parent/Yorkshire bird in me.) I hate replacing something because someone did not take care in the first place. Yes things break, but a selfish bull in a china shop I cannot tolerate. Everything I grew up with I had to share even gifts that were given to me. So I am very protective of what I own unlike my husband.
If I could honestly sum up the actual mess this house is in it would be the house that Jack bloody built!                                                                                                                                                                      The wiring needs replacing because it was never done correctly. The plaster on the walls and the roof has seen its days. All the flooring needs replacing due to rot in places and not correctly fitted in the extension/kitchen. All the pipes need pulling out and resetting. The list is endless in fact you might as well pull the house down and build a new one it would be cheaper. I inherited this mess from my husband and I have to clean it up to a standard I can tolerate because he cannot be arsed.
So yesterday I spent the day fitting a door and encasing the electrics. There is now a neat cupboard primed and ready for painting. I have stripped the what was left paper on the walls which had been painted over with a blue vinyl matt (LAZY IDIOTS!) for a bedroom. The window in that room has now got a wooden cream blind and I am searching for paper to match. At least my youngest daughter will have a bedroom not a monstrosity of poorly thought out mistakes to go into. I hung my head down in shame when I realised how neglected this house is. I feel people are judging me on a situation I have no control over. I moved in striped back the drapery and revealed a hell of a mess. People can only judge on what they think they know, but the reality is they know nothing if they are not willing to see.
So it is Hi ho, hi ho,
It’s off to work I go,
Forget the lemonade,
I need a man with a spade,
Hi ho, hi ho, Hi Ho....

Humour people... don’t forget humour... may add laughter lines to your face, but adds years to your ticker.

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