Sunday, 6 March 2011

X-rays & Fundraising

This week I have had the luxury of having an x-ray done on my lower back. I know this is nothing and a pre-cautionary measure by my GP. I’ve been getting back pain for a few months, but it was slowly getting worse and affecting my walking. Personally I put it down to the fact I have had so many painkillers which has affected my bowel movements.  In other words I’m constipated and it is bloody painful. Constipation that word is never mentioned when we are young or that it can give you back pain, but becomes part of life when you reach a certain point. I would whisper to friends I’m bunged up and need a remedy (Prunes) rather than discuss it with my GP, but prunes are not doing their job. Oh well my GP is insistent I have an x-ray first to make sure nothing sinister is lurking.

My phone has been busy also and I have two interviews to go to. This is a welcomed distraction from the hum ding of boredom at home. Life must go on and I just can’t wait to find out whether either interview flourishes into something that finally puts a smile on my face. I am a grafter who loves the buzz of chatter and smiling faces that have achieved something that they thought they could not do. That is the whole point of the design of art and craft. To share the knowledge you have achieved in designing something so they can have a crack at it themselves. Art and design is all about self development whilst exploring different techniques that are out there. I just hope I remember all what I am typing when I go to my first interview. I am confident that at least one interview will lead to a job it is just one is paid the other is not. Well beggars cannot be choosers in this current climate.
The good thing is in my free time the other day I did some fund raising in South Bromley. I was there with a bucket and sash requesting donations for a machine that would help with solving lymphodema. Thankfully I only had four lymph nodes removed, but those that have all removed are at high risk of swelling. This is a very painful condition with the smallest cut leading to fluid build up in their arm or leg that can flare up at anytime. This machine can help avoid the misery of surgery and the threat of lymphodema with a simple scan.
With my youngest daughter there holding the bucket asking for donations people were more than willing to dip in their pockets. A cute face and a bright smile is an excellent secret weapon on the sympathy vote to raise cash. I and another fund raiser got talking about how certain people avoid giving. I mentioned I had four twelve year old boys give my daughter a penny each. My reply is well every penny counts and thank you very much with a smile, but what I said is very true. They may have found it funny giving just four pence, but those four pence is important never the less. So please keep giving those pennies kids because they end up in the sewers anyway when your pockets weigh too much.
It does not matter whether it is a penny or a pound as long as the goal is achieved. You cannot go in all hopeful Rome was not built in a day it takes time and me and my youngest have offered our services for next month. Once people see your face on a regular occurrence especially a six year old child who I might add enjoyed doing the fund raising experience. It will ripple and giving a penny or a pound will not be so hard to a service their mum, sister or Nan may need.

Thank you Lyn and the others involved we had a lovely day xxx

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