Friday, 15 April 2011

10p Drug Could Treat Breast Cancer.

10p Drug Could Treat Breast Cancer.

A fellow BC sufferer on my FB page placed this article or link on my FB (link below). You now can somehow understand the growing fear that grows inside me. That the very people who are treating me are dismissing me like an attention seeking child. That they are not working together to treat and prevent. Rather than they are playing a dangerous waiting game where they are treating two conditions separately. The lack of direct communication could put me at risk if both conditions are not being monitored as a whole. The words you will be monitored closely are now ringing out loud in my head and will not abate from the crevice they sit in. My fear is very real the questions I must ask are ready to be thrown at my oncologist. And now I understand this beast that grows inside me more they are validated. If I do not get my diabetes sugar levels under control this bastard can return.
Believe me when I say I am not on the phone constantly pestering my consultants. I wait until my appointment is due then I speak out. When I asked two years ago is my diabetes related somehow to the breast cancer it was dismissed. Now two years on it proves my question was very real. Just like when I asked the diabetic consultant back in 1996 is diabetes link to pre  eclampsia? And that was dismissed.
My GP decided last month I did not require medication for my diabetes based on my blood results unlike my diabetic nurse. My blood test still showed I was border line in requiring medication, but what if that is false. What if my treatment should be based on two conditions not one at a time? I know I will be taking this article to my diabetic nurse and discussing it at depth rather than my GP. She is more open to a discussion than my GP. Like I keep saying on my post I hate taking tablets unnecessarily, but this is important it is not an anti depressant or pain killer.  
I am not on any medication to protect me from my type of breast cancer from returning, but this article gives me hope unlike the carrots. My cancer was not hormone receptive it was HER 2 +++. It was pre cancer, but an aggressive form of cancer. My breast was removed and reconstructed in one swoop of a scalpel. With no other treatment required because the pre cancer was in situ. So any thread of hope that can say it can be controlled permanently is a thread I will grasp with two hands and not let go.
I can understand people reading this thread saying well here she goes again. Jumping ahead rather than waiting and seeing, but I want to know. I demand the right to know and I will not go away and ignore the fact that waiting is not a choice for me. Unlike many other women my cancer could be controlled at the cost of 10p. Do you think I have a right to shout? Would you not shout or at least question?
The fact that my diabetes falls in a loop of no real answers is baffling to all involved with treating me. They argue all the time at what type of diabetic I am. Personally my treatment to me has too many holes and I do not want to become a statistic where the damn system fails me. So I am on guard and the little robin is back to kick arse!
I just hope this link/article gives answers to other diabetic suffers with breast cancer.

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