Saturday, 23 April 2011

Easter Break Away

You would have actually thought I was on a horror movie set this past three days just gone. The sea mist/fog that engulfed the east coast was horrendous. My poor daughter only got about thirty minutes on the beach the entire mini Easter break we had away from London. The dense mist was engulfing everything in its path. Some teens on the beach lost their football because the mist was so dense. I personally have never seen sea mist behaving this bad before.
It was really funny watching my mum in her electric motorised chair going along the coast line path at six miles an hour. The mist had a way of swirling around her chair and my daughter who was catching a ride was howling with laughter. In some sections of our walk you would of expected the pirates to swing there sabres or the eerie music to kick in from ‘The Fog’. It would have cost a movie production a small fortune to create such an effect artificially.
On the coast overlooking the beach is a manor called Cliff house. Every time I go to Marske I am transfixed with the design of the building. The house is something out of a Charlotte Bronte novel. It stands alone facing out to the sea with views to knock you off your seat. I said to my mum if I won the lottery tomorrow I’d buy that house and bring it back to its original state. When I saw the fog stroking its stone exterior walls the romantic side of me wanted it even more. It is a shame it has been converted into flats for the elderly, but the history is there to be unravel.

I can imagine the man who chooses that precise place to build that house was a romantic and loved the sea. You could actually imagine a candle being a light by a woman in the window wishing her lover a safe voyage out at sea. Why else build a house so close to the ocean?

Sophia making friends with Barny
The Ship Inn
Anyway our time spent at Marske was a well deserved distraction from the grey surroundings of London. Now I have returned to glorious sunshine and a heap of washing to do.


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