Saturday, 2 April 2011

Follow Your Dreams No Matter What!

I had a fabulous time on the shoot for ‘Baby love’. The song is a jazz version of the old ‘Baby Love’ that was sung by Diana Ross to be released in June/July 2011. We had our makeup and costumes checked and done. Then I had to sit at a table and pretend to drink wine with a fellow Extra. He was a good looking Grenadian man and yes we were pretending to flirt. Apparently we had to give off the impression we had known each other for more than the fifteen minutes. The couple behind me and at the left of me were actual couples. I was just the odd one out along with my now new partner. Other Extra’s on set kept saying you two look to convincing pray your husband is not watching. I said that’s the idea! We all laughed at my response and I smile further at my video partner.
We were all complaining the apple juice and blackcurrant juice should be real to help us relax. The men had soda water mixed with apple juice to portray whiskey. We all had to pretend to drink as we gazed at a white board smiling occasionally glancing loving at our partners. The white board made your eyes go slightly out of focus though.

You would hear the words Take 1 and a title then the clap of the board in front of the camera. Then the words action as the artificial smoke in the room circulated round our ankles. Every now and then I would drift onto other things clogging my mind, but my on camera partner and I would chat nonsense once the camera stopped rolling. I had him in fits of laughter with stories I had to tell. We would listen to the instructions of the assistant director and play them out like a couple of serious actors which was so funny. I would say Ok! So how you going to unfold your arm from mine without stumbling? Two attempts and it were smoothly done. Once they had finished the front of the club scene they had to film from the backs of our heads. This is when we got to meet Mitch Hiller and his band members. Mitch Hiller has worked with Chaka Khan and many others composing and writing music. His career and band members go back years in the music industry. They thought my story of a guitar and posing for a calendar a bit of a fib so they called my bluff and could not believe the image was me. They said they would check it out later on their computers and to follow them on my FB page. We were in the Jazz/Salsa Club in Streatham for four hours, but to me it felt like just an hour.

Mitch Hiller

I and Mitch Hillers Band

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