Friday, 15 April 2011

Update.. 10p drug could treat breast cancer.

I made an appointment to see my diabetic nurse within an hour of reading about Metformin. I was already under discussion on how to control my sugar levels because they were peeking during the evening. So once my nurse had read the article there was no question asked she wanted me to trail it? Her words were Sarah you are going to be our guinea pig. She said that the actual drug suppresses the pancreas from burning body fats. This prevents an over flow of sugar in your blood stream. This in turn prevents or controls cancer by starving it. Even though I do not have cancer I still qualify to test the drug out because of my sugar levels. On my starvation blood test my blood sugar was 6.7. This is just below the threshold for treatment on other diabetic drugs, but how Metformin works means it does not cause your blood sugars to drop in other words it is not insulin based. You still have to eat your meals on regular intervals, but I can now eat responsibly without sugar level counting.
I personally would advice others to research this drug and ask a lot of questions. Do what I did and photo copy the article and take it in to your doctors. This drug does not just treat diabetes it is used for other health issues. My nurse has started me on 500mg once a day for two weeks and will up my dosage as needed. (Check the following link below picture.)

Click on these links to know more about metformin there is new hope for BC sufferers.


  1. Metformin? Really! Hmm. Lots of my patients take this for Type II Dm. I'll have to look into this...


    check this link Kathi.. it is being used in a study currently for pancreatic cancer also .. what they are saying is it can stop or even turn the clock back on cancers that feed on sugar not just breast cancer.. it is a few trials on reading this post.. ie lung cancer etc.. but not proven yet.. but it is looking promising

  3. I have had BC twice and I am a type 2 diabetic - was taking metformin when my second bout of BC was diagnosed.
    My 'worry' about metformin is that in the long tern the drug can damage the kidneys - as a diabetic I am constantly monitored for kidney function. Also metformin can have some other very nasty side effects.

  4. I agree Pam there is side effects and not everyone can take this drug. Like every other drug the pros and cons must be weighed and investigated. My kidneys, liver etc are constantly being checked on every yearly visit, but my nurse is monitoring me closely with this drug. On closer investigation they are looking at the makeup of this drug and trying to understand how it does what it does. They are investigating it because of a possible vaccine for cancer. If this drug does slow done the growth of tumours even causes them to shrink in some cases. It is better than the other options cancer patients face currently. Like I said this is under investigation and I am on the drug not just because of BC, but my sugar levels peek in the evening. I personally would sooner have this drug than sit and wait knowing my chances of it returning are higher than normal. I delayed going on any drugs for my diabetes when in discussion with my diabetic nurse. My GP on the other hand was not looking at my situation as a whole. We went through the pros and cons and a few other ladies I.e. Accidental Amazon are doing their own investigations on the drug. It is not a cure, but we can see some movement towards treatment for BC.
    Regards Pam XXX