Tuesday, 12 April 2011

What about pesticides Doc?

So I have to eat carrots to reduce the risk of breast cancer. F*** me what next! (Excuse me swearing) I don’t want to burst bubbles here but I ate all my bloody fill of fruit and veg. Did not protect me! Why? Because the amount of damn pesticides spray on the vegetables now that reaches my plate. I feel I am constantly repeating myself on my blog about diet, but I am bloody angry. I want those so called advisors to come check me out. Check my life style and my parents and how they taught me to eat and exercise. That sat on my arse on a bus or in a car in traffic is not the healthy way of living. If you can save a pound or dollar and loss a pound in weight bloody walk my dad would say. You don’t need these fancy exercise tapes it is free to all. I now pound the pavement in anger for every article I read about breast cancer. I want a cure and I know about vegetables and fruit. I am not thick!
Once upon a time you could go to a farmer’s field pluck a carrot from the ground and eat it. Now you are advised to wash it and peel it before consumption. When will we actually own up to the beast of cancer. It thrives on our greed for a rich easy life style and we are at its mercy until we correct the damage. The facts that we little people rely on cheap vegetables to stabilise our diets which are covered in pesticides. So we feel we are eating the right foods is not even addressed. Some of us cannot afford organic because our budget don’t stretch that far. (Especially in this current climate of tightening purse strings). It is ok for people in a position to advise those less well off, but the fact that fast foods in London work out cheaper than healthy grates me.
Once upon a time the poor ate far better than the rich. Whilst they ate white bread we ate the rougher pieces of the grain which now makes whole grain bread. While they ate the juicy centres of the vegetable we ate the healthy dark green leafs left over. Now those very bits of roughage cost the bloody earth to buy. The very stable diet the poor had got sucked up by the damn rich with a price tag to boot. I listen to the old people talk about how they had the best of the best. This is so true because they are reaching grand old age’s of 100+ and have all their faculties’ intact, but what is going to happen to me? Will I reach the grand old age of fifty let alone one hundred?
OH I would love to look like a fluffy rabbit shouting what’s up doc every five minutes, but I am me. Not a bloody fluffy tailed pet.  Whilst people are looking at prevention like it is so easy. They are jumping the blank spaces like the fluffy tailed critter.
When reading this article your heart skips a beat and you pray that what they are saying is the hands on truth. But as it stretches down the page of the Metro paper it is full of maybes. When you see a maybe it covers their arse from being sued for displaying misleading data. 
At least cancer research in America is backing it this time and it isn’t any herb company jumping on the band wagon of breast cancer.

‘The research centres on the role of a gene called RAR-beta, which the experts believe reacts with retinoic acid when the two come into contact with each other, resulting in retinoic acid's anti-cancer capabilities being activated.’

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