Saturday, 14 May 2011

Candy Culture

I had an interesting conversation with a friend today. She had read a couple of my blogs and visited those I had added as other interesting blogs to read. She said I cannot understand why people are so angry towards a colour that creates revenue that could provide a cure?
This is a logical response from someone who has not been affected by breast cancer. I said when I did the cupcakes to be sold did I take anything from the profits. She said well no! I said when you walk into a supermarket and pay £14.99 for a pink top that raises money for breast cancer. How much is given to a breast cancer charity? She said I don’t know! I said well the normal percentage is 10%. All items that are available on shop floors with the pink attachment are 10% or 20%.
Have you ever asked yourself where the remaining 90% goes? She shrugs and I continue. The majority of products with the pink attachment cost pence rather than pounds to make. They are normally made in sweat shops in Asian countries.
How much profit each year do you think is made on pink items alone? She said again I don’t know! I replied well neither do I, but these women are not only questioning pink they are questioning the exploitation of pink for breast cancer. Their anger is not just about a colour it is more than that, it runs deep. Personally I would like a more even percentage given to charities. If they are able to still reduce the pink product and still make a profit whilst giving the 10% to a charity. Does that not tell you how far companies are going?
The candy culture of cancer needs an administrator. Charities are facing cut backs thanks to the economic climate and relying heavy on donations and that 10% off products sold. Pink is being exploited and when someone shouts about it because cancer is far from pink. They are seen has being bitter, but if you ever spoke to any of these women you would realise they are scared. Their lives are in medical hands because the treatment they are on is their survival not a cure, but what if they could be on a better treatment and cost was standing in the way of treatment being used? This is happening as we speak people are being refused drugs because of cost. What if the funds that could be made from the candy culture are funding a nine bedroom mansion? She said I understand, but at least there is some money getting through. I said but not enough because unlike me who gives her time 100% without a pound/dollar sign attached others are reaping the benefits. Pink has become a trade mark for breast cancer. If that is the case should it be vetted like all trademarks?  
The candy culture is a million pound/dollar industry that should be managed. That request is echoed on blog boards and FB all the time. Breast cancer is not pink it is a treadmill of endless tears and frustration.
You have three groups of women. One group does not care about pink. Another group remains silent and on the fence. Then there is a group that hates pink and titillation of BC to the back teeth and voice it. We should respect all views and my personal opinion is getting a grip of the true identity of breast cancer and its affects. Her opinion is whilst it does the job then you have to except it, but that is the wrong attitude to have. The very treatment I am on someone or even herself could face or worse. And yes whilst I have been all smiles and keeping busy which hides the hidden truth of the torment. It still leaves a strong question; if pink is such good fun where is this damn cure?
Should certain companies that exploit pink drop their profit from the product altogether and give it to Cancer research UK or another charity? That is the real question people should be asking. Why are companies gaining profit from breast cancer? Not why are you angry at pink? That answer is clear as day if you are having endless bouts of chemotherapy.

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