Sunday, 1 May 2011

Concentrating On The Here & Now

This next month is going to be an excellent month with only positives. I have cupcakes to bake and sell to raise money for  Race 4 Life. The cupcake sleeve designed by me have been agreed and is based on the ‘Hungry Caterpillar’ children’s story book.
This will be taking place on the 9th and 10th of May at my youngest daughters primary school. The children in her class will be helping to design/make their own sleeves with pieces already cut out and put together. All the children have to do is stick them on where they want to put the pieces. 
Other people are helping me with getting sponsors on Sophia’s sponsor web page. I have designed a small poster to pass round with the link printed on it. I just need to tread the streets and get people to sign our sponsor sheets also.
In between that I have around twenty costumes for three different productions to design and sew. The first production is being performed at her Majesty’s Theatre very soon.
 I have had to design wing like attachments for nine black leotard bases. These have to be detachable so the leotard can be used again. I have already started on the design and they are looking good. The second production I have to design and sew several fishnet type crop tops with only one sleeve. The over locker will come in handy for that particular job because of the neat seams required. The third production is five simple black cloaks. All these I will photograph and add to my portfolio. Something I did not keep track of before which is my bad.
I have also been told I have a part in a movie only small, but this gives me a chance to see what ticks on a film set. After doing the extra roll on the music video it has given me new found confidence to pursue rather than sit back. The director of the movie asked me to do a couple of auditions and he was pleased with both. I can honestly say my three years at my previous theatre position has not gone to waste. It proves I was learning new skills without even realising it. Never say a old dog cannot learn new tricks I say. The director will be moulding a speaking part for me and if I perform well in the film who knows what other projects I can be involved with. It still could end up on the editor’s floor, but at least I can use the experience as a positive.
The script is interesting and I can see how it is written and how they put it together with an end result. My curiosity to this side of the process of film making is very strong because I have tried to write several scripts for stage. To me it is all a learning curve with valuable skills and networking to be used to the max.
The medication Metformin I have been taking for two weeks with no side effects. This is excellent news because I can be awkward with medication. I have made my next appointment with my diabetic nurse to see where we go from here.
So that leaves me with my plastic surgeon appointment on the 16th May with my fingers firmly crossed that all goes well.  Even though they would sooner I had a silicone nipple. I am determined to get the surgery to complete my reconstructed breast. Hopefully I will continue to move forward without further occurrences of BC, but who knows. All I can do is concentrate on the here and now.

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