Thursday, 26 May 2011

Frankenstein Science & BC Land.

Me and my partner in crime from my teenage days got into a rather humorous conversation. Sandra has a no nonsense approach to life. Her favourite saying when times are hard is, ‘God does not pay his dept’s back with coins. It is no good thinking life is easy you have to work at it to achieve it.’
Now our phone conversation starts with me complaining about me waiting eight months for my nipple reconstruction. Her reply was why bloody hell they could have grown you a nipple by then. I laughed at her reply because northern humour is so dry and to the point. She continues, you think I’m bloody joking. If they can grow an ear on the back of a mouse surely they can grow you a new nipple.

My reply was well I never really thought about growing a nipple before. My next visit to the Plastic surgeon will be a very interesting consultation. Sandra continued I bloody hope so to and I want every detail relayed back to me. Then the conversation got even wackier. Just think they could grow a nipple on your arse. Oh my god an erect nipple on your arse how weird is that. By this time tears of laughter were rolling down my cheeks. She continues do you have a wart rub it on that empty space where your nipple was. Then you can grow your very own nipple all you have to do is colour it in with a permanent marker.  Now some may take offense at this type of humour, but if you knew Sandra you would know there is a hidden language behind it. To her it is no good dwelling on what was. Think about what could be. She herself has had her fair share of health problems.  
Our conversation brought a smile to my face and is not far from the truth. There is hope out there for women and men who have had mastectomies that the future is not so bleak. Science is moving forward at such a rate that even I am amazed.
To me there is a space for Frankenstein science in BC land....
And yes I will be bringing this conversation up with my Plastic surgeon...  out of curiosty.

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