Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Water For Elephants Premier

Today I went to ‘Water For Elephants’ Premier at Westfield’s in London.
I had a fantastic time with a bunch of girls from all over the place. We sat and chatted from 11am until the actual premier began. Yes it is sad but very true I have become a groupy at the age of forty, but it is all for a good cause. I helped a few of the girls get autographs because I picked a prime spot to gain them. The staff and security were brilliant they made the event enjoyable to the end. I was able to do some valuable networking for a project I have in mind. They gave me some excellent tips on how to do it and who to contact. Meantime I sat back and enjoyed my day with all the screams that have left me with slight titinus in my ears.  
I was lucky enough to get Reese Witherspoons autograph..
oooohhhh Yeah and she is very stunning and about 5 foot 3 at a guess in height.
She wore a stunning blue dress with some fabulous heels.
Very pleasant young lady.. Ty Miss Witherspoon.
Then there was Robert Pattinson who had all the women screaming with excitement. He took his time to go round everyone for well over the hour that was timed. I headed home with a book of signitures and a billboard from the event.
I can honestly say it was a day well spent with loads of very memorable moments to chat with friends and family about.

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