Saturday, 4 June 2011

Do You Think 2% is Good Enough?

I do not know the percentage of women that have got to five years free of cancer. I do not know the percentage of women that have gone ten years free of cancer, but that is not my point. I personally would sooner see no percentage because no women should face the pain that others have faced.
No my point is companies that are clearly making money out of our pain. I want these so called companies that say they are raising money for BC to put their hands up. I want to know your percentage for donation against the fight on BC.
A fellow BC survivor in USA put an image of a fairy part of the Hamilton collection. It was done to raise money for BC.

Her anger towards a pink fairy with opalescent glitter infuriated her and it was understandable, but there is more to this story because I jumped on board. Out of curiosity I emailed the company. My question was simple how much of a percentage goes towards BC? Now these companies can ignore the question. These companies are obligated to answer if they are pestered enough, but all it took was one email. On their web page it does not state how much of a percentage they donate.
People are being mislead into feeling they are doing a lot more for a very worthy cause. Well here is the bubble burst for you.

This is their reply...

Dear Valued Client,
Thank you for contacting
We are always pleased to hear from our clients and appreciate you giving us the opportunity to be of assistance.
As per your inquiry, 2% from every breast cancer collectible is donated to help raise breast cancer awareness and fund research. We apologize for any misunderstanding in this matter.
Please respond to this email if we may be of further assistance. Be sure to visit the online store by clicking on the following hyperlink:
Customer Service

Now if this does not explain why Accidental Amazon and the rest of the girls I follow on my blog are angry in the candy world of BC. I honestly do not know what else to say... 2 cents in a dollar... 2 pence in every pound from a marketable price of $29.00 or £15 UK pound for a fairy. This is the value of BC as well as a factual percentage from this company. From a cast of a fairy that most probably cost 10 pence or 20 cents in a factory in Taiwan.  
I leave this post with one request.. people before you spend your cash on so called BC fluff produced by scrupulous companies . Ask yourself this question...

 Do you think 2% is good enough?

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