Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Green Snot & Dress Making....

Help! I have alien snot on my lungs. Yes I developed my first ever chest infection. I have had coughs and colds before, but I have never seen dark green snot come off my lungs. I was quite surprised at its consistency very thick and alien looking. I know TMI on the green snot, but the body amazes me. Besides I told my GP the exact same in his office he laughed and listened to my chest for signs of crackling. We also discussed the LD scar on my back. He was also impressed with the healing and asked on how I was coping etc. Then he printed me out perscription for a seven day course of anti-biotic. He also wanted to know when my next appointment was for my oncologist. My GP has insisted I mention my weight lose and maybe they could refer me onto a dietician and some protein drinks to help build me up. The issue with that idea is I don’t like protein drinks or the thought of them. Yuck!

Despite my greeny friend in my chest my hands have remained busy designing my young daughters’ Victorian costume. I whisked up a few pieces for her to wear. She fell in love with what I had done for her instantly. Sophia loves to play dressing up. I think she got the bug from when I dressed her up as a mummy baby at eleven months old for a Halloween party.  In fact I did my eldest daughter and youngest matching mummy suits. Yes you hold these memories with a glint in your eye. I and Kathi (Accidental Amazon)ended up swapping images on various costumes we had made. Those images brought pride and lots of smiles on a FB page amongst a group of women. No matter what the pain you go through to keep those special moments those glints alive you have to share them. Like Kathi said we all still have a life outside the BC realm.....  
My eldest daughter Kayleigh at the time fifteen and Sophia dressed up for Halloween 2005

Sophia in another creation of mine as Tinkerbell..


Eye Eye Captain!

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