Tuesday, 21 June 2011

I love a Tweak!

I made/designed eleven of these in two days
The last few days I have been tweaking my blog and sewing eleven tops, one cape and another wing attachment for another dance stage production next week. This also includes the housework, cooking and striping my hoover to freshen it up. Walking my darling youngest to school a 2 mile journey there and back. I do have the option of the bus, but I can't be arsed waiting. My day is pretty full really, but my husband probably thinks the house cleans itself and I sit on my arse all day sulking. Of course I do, I drink champers and nipple strawberries all day too, with a man slave wafting a palm leaf. Don't I wish!
My multi tasking skills even astound me sometimes. Now I can sit back and relax instead of rushing about, but I have an itch. Next month my husband has his annual BBQ.

Last Sunday in July every year is a Trini calendar event in my back yard. We are starting or at least I am sorting our garden out. My husband is a typical Trinidadian bloke he has the lastminute. com thing going on. Or you could say he has two speeds slow and stop. Personally I am more into preparing things well in advance, but you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, especially Steve.
This year is a little different though for Steve. With the operation on his knee this month, his father coming from Trinidad & his university graduation he needs to fluff is plumage. It is a month of comparing scares and certificates rather than listening to the same old stories. Thankfully it only happens once a year, but the story will keep going until he finds a new one.

Yes we have a few people that are there each year religiously that help and listen to Steve, but the aftermath I cleanup. Example the tents from last year were still in the same position this week from last year. Until a nice scrap metal merchant came and collected all the scrap metal from our yard this included the tent poles which were weather worn. I had convinced myself last year I was not going to do nothing, and neither did Steve. At a guess my sit on my arse plan was not subtle enough. At a guess I think this year it will be the same, and the year after that, and the year after that too. 

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