Friday, 17 June 2011

Update Nipple Recon

My appointment to have my dressing changed went well. The newly formed nipple looks rather big, but I was pre-warned about this and it does shrink with time. It still hasn’t totally healed so I have to go back to the dressing clinic next Friday. The clinic nurse has put a fresh dressing on in the meantime with strict instructions to be kept dry. I and the clinic nurse had a lovely chat about my imposter. She found it funny that I referred to my recon as an imposter, but I did say it is better than a pet name. The nurse found my attitude to my experience of breast cancer an excellent attitude to have, but I explained I had avoided the rigors of chemo, rads and meds. So my story is not the same as others that have faced cancer.  When the clinic nurse finished inspecting the wound and dressing my new nipple she said that the surgeon had done an excellent job and it was symmetrical with my other breast. This brought a smile on my face finally there is a piece of sun peeking through the cloud.

When I left the Big C hospital I popped into the Maggie’s centre. Sometimes I go there for a social coffee instead of rushing back home. I have met a lovely lady there called Patsi who was telling me about a video she had put on You tube. Patsi said ‘If you close your eyes it sounds like a drum.’ So out of curiosity I checked it out and yes it sounds like a drum and my youngest said so.   
I have noticed that some of the women I have developed friendships with have a natural urge to get close to nature. Something as simple as rain hitting a watering can trigger a camera being used. There is this new found interest to record things so you can share that experience. Some people would pull faces at this behaviour, but when your life is laid out before you. It makes you realise the things you actually take for granted in day to day life are all around you. Some things as simple as rain can be so soothing to listen too.
My GP has decided to take me off Metformin. When I tried to discuss the reasons of me being on Metformin and the possible benefits he dismissed them. He said it has not been proven to have any benefits and until it is out of the experimental stage he did not want me taking it. He said my sugar level on starvation was 5.9. This is classified as being border line. I said I understood what he was trying to say, but my sugar level was going to 11.4 in the evening. I personally felt he was not listening to what I was saying. At the end of the day I was not a doctor and he was. This GP was the same man who had told me my breasts were cancer free. When I see my oncologist I will be speaking to her about Metformin rather than food supplements.

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