Thursday, 30 June 2011

Nipple Recon (Cont'd)

Spent two hours at A & E this morning my new nipple is playing the arse. I had a swab taken to make sure there is no infection, but it is really sore. The Doctor said it is just taking a little longer to heal because of my diabetes. My skin has become rather sore/sensitive due to the dressings and my allergy to using anything sticky. Thankfully they said I could stop using the dressings for now and let the air to the wound. I have to return to the Big C hospital so my plastic surgeon can check it over himself tomorrow because he is not in today. I would not be bothered normally, but has you can see by the image my new nipple looks a little miffed.

I popped into Maggie’s for a social coffee and got chatting to another lovely lady. She had breast cancer also and caught it early before it had spread. She was telling me about her nipple recon and the tattoo process. The whole nipple recon was pretty quick without any hiccups for her. She reassured me once I had got past this little glitch I will be smiling at the finished product. It is nice to compare notes with others because you just don’t know, but I am slowly getting there.

On my way home I decide to buy three more maxi summer dresses. After that wonderful gentlemen gave me a surprising compliment he seemed to have given me that kick I needed. Why should I dress down? I maybe forty one coming up, but I’m still as attractive as any other women out there. So I should be able to fluff my plumage and strut my stuff. I just hope the sun starts to shine so I can wear them.

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