Friday, 24 June 2011

What Type Are You?

My week has been filled with listening as well as advising. I was invited to do a GUEST BLOG 'Journeying Beyond Breast Cancer' explaining Paget’s to other women.  It was nice to be involved with a pro active posting on Paget’s. When you speak about BC some people are unaware of certain rare types of breast cancer. Some people believe BC is just BC and only become aware once they investigate the symptoms of BC.
Types of Breast cancer:
At the end of my post I put a paragraph that applies to anyone:
‘My advice for any breast complaint would be; if in doubt go to your doctors and if you are not happy seek a second opinion. It is only your vigilance that can lead to your diagnosis.’
My appointment at the dressing’s clinic did not go to plan. My nipple is still taking its time to heal, Mother Nature is dragging her heals somewhat. So I have to return to the clinic next week for it to be checked again. The clinic nurse is happy, but she is airing on the side of caution.
As usual I dropped in at the Maggie centre for a social coffee and chat. I have enrolled at the art class for next Friday morning at the centre. Whilst I was there I got chatting to a lovely woman who is wise beyond her years. I say this because she is wise, but I don’t know her age and it’s rude to ask. We spoke about our diagnosis, and how we had discovered our cancer. She has skin cancer, but before that she had a tumour near her left eye removed. After that she had a tumour near her right eye removed, and she had the worry of knowing the cancer could have travelled into her brain it was that extensive. I sit back and listen to her speak about her life. She said, ‘Fear, creates that sick feeling in the pit of your stomach. No-one will ever understand that sensation unless they experience it. Does your husband support you?’ Well my husband was not with me I was on my own so actions speak louder than words. People pick up on little details, important details. If you go to appointments on your own it leaves questions to the emotional support you are receiving. I have been to the Maggie centre quite a few times now and I have never been with anyone. This lovely woman has seen me come to Maggie’s on more than one occasion by myself. We spoke about men and how some of them fall at the first hurdle when cancer is mentioned. Well my husband had fallen at quite a few hurdles and this lovely woman did not need me to tell her. She said, ‘Ask yourself this one question can you survive?’ I pause for a moment and say yes. ‘Then problem solved if you can survive he should be worried.’ I smile at her and nod.
I am looking forward to my new art classes. I am looking forward to developing new friendships. It does not matter that my husband is not there to participate. It does not matter because I have got this far without him. So maybe he should be worried....


  1. Hi Sarah, it was terrific to have you guest blog for me at Journeying Beyond Breast Cancer. The response from readers is testament to the need for more of us to have access to the this kind of information and thank you again for providing it in such a clear and accessible way.

    I am delighted to hear that you are attending a support centre - I found it an invaluable resource when I was going through treatment. I loved the art and writing classes I took there - alongside meditation and yoga classes. Just being able to have a cup of tea with women who understood what I was going through at the time was also a great support.

    Wishing you healing and strength on your journey beyond breast cancer.

  2. You are more than welcome Marie,
    I must admit I was nervous to start with, but I really enjoyed reading the replies. I think with BC you do not realise how much a few words mean when trying to understand the varying types of BC.

    The staff at Maggies are brilliant...