Wednesday, 20 July 2011

But If I Don't Speak Out Who Will?

Sometimes you question why you even bother. The reply is blatantly obvious if you don’t who will. After spending two hours waiting to see yet another registrar because Miss S my oncologist was rushed away from clinic. I was left feeling rather uncomfortable about my clinical meeting. This registrar was in a rush to clear the back log of angry patients waiting to be seen.  

The truth of the matter is for the past few months my nipple on my right breast has been misbehaving. I have had a pain behind the back of the nipple and my nipple has been turning in on itself or inverting. On arriving at the clinic I spoke to my BC nurse who was concerned about my description of what my breast was now doing. Normally even she would fob me off with some simple reply, but she was concerned that I had not contacted her sooner to talk rather than worry about it. She said Sarah you are still very young to have BC and any concerns I should contact her even if it is just too chat. I said I was not too concerned about it due to having so many checks done in January, but just thought I would mention it now. Her reply was only an X-ray would show anything and most lightly I would be referred for an ultra sound.   

On clinical inspection of my breast the registrar did not check inside my armpit or prod or poke my breast. He just stood and watched as I explained what my nipple was doing, and the discolouration which now circled the tip of my nipple. His reply was because of the removal of fibrous tissue from the lumpectomy done in January 2011 the healing is causing it to invert. He could actually see my nipple trying to invert has I spoke to him. The nurse who was present observing the clinical inspection was cringing. The registrar said it was nothing to worry about and then in the next breathe said right I shall sign you off from the clinic now. I said no you will find I need another six month appointment. It was clear he was not interested in the slightest in what I had to say. The back log waiting outside was more important. Now to me he should have at least done like the BC nurse said and send me for an ultra sound as a precautionary. I will be speaking to my BC nurse about what was said and request she book me for my mammogram in six months time.

What worries me about this appointment is one of the things we are taught. Inversion of the nipple and colour changes should be checked out. The fact that I am getting pain from behind the nipple as well has got me concerned, but for now I will wait for my mammogram. I just don’t want anything to spoil the next few months ahead especially some idiot registrar cocking up. We hear stories all the time how we are accused of jumping the gun with the slightest pain, but if I don’t speak out who will?

On a good note I won £300 on internet bingo well it beats a kick in the teeth. I was bored and saw a advert and joined with £10. The cheque arrived today and I banked it straight away.

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