Thursday, 21 July 2011

Live For The Dream, Not For The Tears..

After my absolutely crap day yesterday I had a lovely surprise posted on my FB page last night. It was the completed video for Baby Love sung by Mitch Hiller. In my post 'Follow Your Dreams No Matter What!' it confirms to me I am right because last night I was on a high. The positivity I would have bottled and freely given away, it was flowing so strong. In the credit roll up I am called a ‘Supporting Artist’, but to me I was just an observer. It was a fantastic experience and I would tell anyone try it. After all BC may of put a dark shadow in our lives, but it does not mean we should stop living the dream.  

I could pick my image to bits on the video, but I am who I am. And for once I can actually sit back and smile at my own demons and give the middle finger. I like the moving image rather than the flash of a camera, but my curiosity to know more is already in full sing. The movie I am going to be in will be filmed soon and I am all prepared. So roll on round two let’s see what I learn from this experience. After all quote ‘Life is a box of chocolates’.

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