Friday, 29 July 2011

My Birthday Wish...

Sophia's First Birthday Cake
I turn forty one today, Wow! Slight sarcasm in my tone, but the truth be known I don’t celebrate my birthdays. To me it is another day on the calendar that is like any other. I will be cleaning the house as normal with no cake, candles, party poppers just a couple of cards and a peck on my forehead.
To celebrate I have gained another year is a personal demon or pet hate. I do not want to grow old. My FB page is full of birthday wishes which I am thankful of, but my birthday wish is like every other woman on my FB page or blog with BC. Find a damn cure please, someone!  Then I will buy a cake, party poppers and all the trimmings. That will be a celebration that I will partake in because it means no more tears.
To me every day of my life now is a node of the head and a smile. By rights if Mother Nature had her way I should be pushing the daisies, but enough of the morbid take on life. I can now share my good news which I have been itching to share.
This is the movie I am appearing in Culture Shock. It is only a small part, but I do believe I have achieved one of my goals which are a positive achievement. I would never have dreamed that today I would actually say I am in a movie. I should not toot my horn too hard though because it still could end up on the editors’ floor, but what the hell. Now this is something to celebrate because it gives me the motivation to achieve more. I also have been asked to do some modelling. It is a freebie, but I get to keep the pictures for free to add to my portfolio. So what next? I bloody don’t know, but the world is my oyster I just need to learn to absorb the punches and smile.                                                                                                                                                                             

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