Friday, 12 August 2011

Cowboys and Aliens Premiere

Yesterday I and my young daughter had a fabulous time at the premiere for ‘ Cowboys and Aliens.’ During the time we were waiting word had got out that we were stood where a mass collection of autograph hunters were planning to push forward. Well I was not going to have any of that especially with Sophia being present.
They had realised that the possibility of Harrison Ford coming over to us was very lightly because of Sophia. They have got adjusted to Sophia coming to the premieres now and know she can draw attend to herself very easily. The plan autograph hunters apply is very clever. They wait at the back and push forward with several photo’s to sign. Then work their way down the crowds getting as many autographs as possible on photo’s of the stars. On chatting to a few of them that are really nice and willing to talk about their experiences. It was explained that the money made from this premiere for a Harrison Ford autograph was no joke. Over in America the autographs are run by gangs it is in league with the selling of drugs. I found this whole conversation fascinating.

So to be smart I called a security guard over and I made him aware of the conversation I had overheard. He went and spoke to the other security and the head.  They put a plan in place to protect Sophia from being crushed.  

After waiting for what seemed like forever in my daughters words. We manage to collect the autographs of Harrison Ford, Daniel Craig and Olivia Wilde. Not only that but they managed to have a little chat with Sophia which made her day after such a long wait. The autograph hunters were kept in line although the odd one tried his/her luck, but me and Sophia had a very pleasant surprise. We were handed tickets to go see the premiere itself. The security guards had taken a liking to Sophia and presented her with the tickets. Of cause there was a little jealousy from the others in the crowd so to keep our tickets safe I told the security guard to hold onto them.

Once the mass rush had moved away I signalled the security guard who held our tickets. I quizzed which way should we walk to get to the cinema screening. He opened the gate right in front of us and said ‘Oh no you come this way.’ You could hear a mass sigh as me and Sophia walked through the gate. People said congratulations and we passed right by Harrison Ford, Daniel Craig and Olivia Wilde on the red carpet. Sophia was so excited and so was I because all we intended on doing was getting a poster at the end, but we had something better two premier tickets.

When we reached our seats a complimentary bag of popcorn and a bottle of water was waiting. Sophia was in her element at just getting a bag of popcorn. After a while The Director and assistants arrived on stage gave a little speech and soon after the starring cast arrived on a small stage and said there little bits about the movie.
The movie was really good even though I only saw twenty minutes of it. Sophia decided the aliens were too scary. So we left after twenty minutes, but when we reached home she was so excited. She burst into the living room dashing up to her daddy telling him of that day’s events.  I guess it will remain in conversation for some time after too.


  1. What a totally fascinating post Sarah - I really enjoyed reading this today - a whole other world for me!

  2. There is very very seedy side of the entertainment world where autograph hunting is a business. Until you start to talk with others who have made a business out of it you do not realise. Harrison Fords signiture + premiere ticket and image you could sell for £350 plus on the open market. Damiel Craig signiture + premiere ticket and image you can sell for £250 plus. All goes on how much a collector will pay, but I will keep you guys up to date because I am extremely interested in this. Someone said to me there was a program recently on TV about autographs and how a woman made a business selling fakes. It was on Fake Britian I think...
    Hope you are keeping well Marie xxx

  3. I have placed the link to Fake Britain on my post Marie..