Thursday, 18 August 2011

Sarah Don't You Think it is Sad?

I love to quote people who are negative, but hide behind sincerity. ‘Sarah don’t you think it is sad what you are doing?’ My life and blog was being scrutinized and the fact I have started autograph hunting celebs. My reply was, ‘And what did you do yesterday? Come to think of it last week or last month as well.’ She knew she had offended me, but the woman does not know me, not really. It is my way of turning the table on her and finding out why she made such a statement. If I am happy why even approach the subject?
So what does this woman want me to do? OK... I’m waving my flag I surrender. Oh, shit no you have had the opposite effect on me.
When I start something there is always a reason set out to begin with. If she knew me well enough that question would not arise in her tinny narrow world. How or what I spend my time on is actually nothing to do with her. I like to write down my adventures, so bloody what!
If I know it has a positive to some ones way of thinking, brilliant. Why even attempt to judge me for saying you know what I’m not going to sit back and do nothing with the remainder of my life.
Yes I could do my hobbies silently and not broadcast it on the internet, but to be honest I don’t care. To live is to share ones experiences in life. The tears, the smiles of past events should not be hidden away.
The opportunities that are opening up to me were not by thinking, (Quote) Sarah don’t you think it is sad what you are doing? They have come about because I am taking a chance and willing to take criticism, but I don’t think she is willing to except my words in reply. I do not resent her opinion or feel angry, in fact I am bemused.
If I was weak and listened to what this individuals opinion meant. My life would be just as mundane as hers. I am happy with what I do, and what I write about. If you think it is sad don’t read it. Do not go looking for gossip to fill your day. Do not concern yourself with trivial judgements by others because I don’t.  In other words why stress yourself out with my tiny world?
Rome was not built in a day. It took a lot of people with ideas that were just drawings and dreams. Those very people who got no support except from those that shared the same dreams accomplished a lot.
The people that said don't you think it is sad remained true to that opinion and got lost in the dream that they so resented, and destroyed the written records. This is why historians have major issues filling in the gaps.

And to me a written record is nothing to feel ashamed about, even if it is just a blog.  

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