Monday, 1 August 2011

Strike a Pose..

Yesterday I had a fantastic time on a modelling shoot. No I am not a model and I don’t classify myself to be a model, but for your portfolio to do Acting/extra work you need images and a show reel. So I asked a friend to come with me on a TFCD shoot. These pictures you do for free and you get to keep the images taken on the day.

It was also our BBQ day, so it was a dash out the house pose and head back fast. When I returned home all was sorted and a friend of mine was waiting for me. I had not seen her for some time and we had a lovely chat whilst we ate. It was her first appearance at the BBQ and she was surprised how friendly and warm it was. Whether I agree or disagree the BBQ is an entity of its own. It offers a space where people can get together and network. Everyone has down time and they recognise it has just that. It has now become more diverse with a fresh crowd with new ideas on how the world ticks. Yesterday I was able to mix and chat with others without feeling the outsider. As I say I married Steve not Trinidad his culture has to move with me, not me move with his culture. And finally people are taking their time to see what I am about, not just focusing on Steve.


  1. Love the pics Sarah, your looking fab and like i said before, you have what it takes to be a model xxx

  2. As usual you know just what to say to bring a smile to my face Karen.. I am so proud of myself especially at what I have achieved in since a short space of time.. Like you said you just have to learn to move forward rather than look back.. and I am doing that xxx my beautiful field mouse