Saturday, 20 August 2011

That is not bleating on about cancer is it?

In the land of BC it is common practice to be told how we should behave. The words ‘you talk about BC too much.’ are readily used, or ‘Try to move forward.’ is my favourite words. ‘Try’ is the word my BC nurse uses in every sentence focusing in on the word ‘Try’ as a positive. The fact the memories of our big C journey are not so forgiving and are torture because of the scares left behind, is not something I can turn my back on. If only our journey was like a broken leg, it could be fixed with a cast and six weeks later all would be forgotten.

To move forward it takes a hidden strength that we find hidden in the crevice of our minds and hearts. After all our focus point is not necessarily ourselves, but our families that are sat waiting in the wings watching on helpless. Yes we come across as kicking and screaming grasping at straws due to the fear instilled after BC, but underneath all of that we are a jolly bunch of C survivors. Our humour and determination gets us through our lonely days. Sometimes on a really bad day I will go quiet and find shade away from the noise of others, but BC lives are not just the big C.

As I read other blogs and posting on my FB you can see that new hidden strength being shared. It is an attitude a stance even when bad news is shared it sits strong. No-one wants to concentrate on the big C, but they don’t want people to forget and become complacent with the treatment on offer. We beat our drums hard and share information that has been released in cyber space in the hope others get better care than we received. That is not bleating on about cancer is it?

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