Tuesday, 9 August 2011

We created this monster!

I spent most of last night listening to sirens and watching the news as it unfolded. London as diverse as it is separated into two sections. Those that work hard and those that don’t, the youth’s of today want everything without the hard work involved. The pressure on parents to provide so they fit in amongst their peers is ridiculous. Those parents that put their foot down and say no with the sharp reply ‘Work for it!’ are left with dread. This sharp reply can push the young into the more ugly side of life.
Finding a balance of yes and no when examples amongst politicians are broadcast that greed pays makes me feel sick. I do not condone what has happened the past few nights within London and it’s boroughs, but who are we kidding here. If a politician can strip the system to his/her advantage and not get a prison sentence or even only serve two months on good behaviour shortly after they can sell their story at a profit on others backs. Making a total mockery of the justice system and what it represents. What example are we setting amongst our youths of todays?
 If we as adults are willing to sit and complain amongst our young whilst they watch on. Not showing our solidarity against an unjust system where one rule feeds another whilst we suffer. Then the system and the bubbling pot is bound to explode.

One youth replied ‘I’m getting back my taxes innit!’

I’m sorry my dear but you have not paid into the system long enough to give that reply. You have brought shame on your family and shame on you. What by looting that is the solution to your issues in life? Today you will wake in a worse place than you were last week. By stealing an item worth maybe £100 as made no impact on your life except now you face a scratch on what was a prosperous future. You will look back on your life asking yourself why did I do this? Why could I have not remained home? Or maybe like the politician you may escape any conviction...

To sum this post up how can we as adults lead by example when the examples our young see through the media are what they understand to be the way forward.

We have the youths of today throwing a tantrum on our streets and sod the nanny state they need a slap, but who is going to step-up?

I personally turned to my youngest and said you see these adults in this room. She nodded. You ever do what you see on this television. Do you understand we will beat you... and that is no joke!

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