Monday, 26 September 2011

Life and a Very Bitter Individual

The other day my husband informed me I had punched him on the nose when he tried to pull the duvet which was wrapped around me. I hope this does not become a regular occurrance because I could be done for battery. I cannot remember punching him or the dream in question. I laughed out load when he told me, he even managed to laugh himself.
This Wednesday gone I met the director Steve Balderson in person for the movie I’m in, sweet man like a cuddly giant with a very soft American accent. I’m also still going to premieres collecting autographs sad I know, but someone has to do it. Underneath it all I should be happy at what I have achieved, but there is still something missing.
All my husband is doing is pacifying me or pushing me along. He informed me his sister was coming round and could I do a batch of Doubles. There was no but baby can you or kiss on the cheek. Just Sarah can you do a batch of doubles in a quiet deep tone.

When his sister arrived it was the usual bantering between brother and sister. That I encourage, but then once she had eaten and spoke on the phone the conversation took a turn for the worst. She sat with her back straight opened up her zip front top and said look double DD’s. Humour or no humour I glared at her with total disgust. My husband had sprawled out on the sofa watching TV and said a long drawn out what? I instantly replied your sister is attempting to be a bitch once again and sadly falling short of the mark. But hey we all can’t be like her with her double DD’s can we. Steve’s eyes went to the back of his head with zero response. He knew his sister was wrong and this time he should of asked questions rather than it slip by.

She went into talking about how she needs a man to be satisfied. I turned off and ignored because her words have no interest to me. Then as she yapped on all I kept thinking was you are a sad individual. Sad to think you have to stoop so low. And sad because the scar that runs across your face cannot be hidden. So why be so damned nasty?
At the end of the day the same judgement she insinuated about men not liking implants. She faces every day in a mirror staring right back at her. A scar she received when small runs deep across her nose down onto her lip and this cannot be hidden. Black skin scars so badly and when she got this scar there was not the plastic surgeons there are now. Maybe this is why she is such a bitter person and obsessed with image and what people think. I feel like turning the tables somehow saying well hey look at my face, but then I would be no different to her. The facts that her father had said quite a bit about her upbringing actually made me pity her. An individual whose sole purpose is to cause distress to another is a very bitter person. At least I can sit back and say I have never and never will stoop to those depths. Whether it is me being over sensitive to the conversation.

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