Friday, 2 September 2011

Not all is Postive in Cancer Land!

In the land of free speech and the right to express is the mute button. Some of my fellow cyber bloggers feel very much muted once again. These blogs written by guest blogger Coco, &  explains why the echo started and questions its conclusion on Positivity v Negativity on diagnosis and treatment of cancer. It has created a united debate on blog boards by fellow BC comrades. Not all is positive in the land of cancer it can’t be, but the push by media to portray a smiley face is very clearly seen. The efforts to show a positive towards treatment on television/adverts rather than the negative are wearing thin. To engage the public to be pro active in finding cancer sooner rather than later is everywhere. But one idiot decided to do a written piece on how our approach to life can impact on whether we get the disease in the first place, has hit a cord of discontent.

This was my reply to the debate:

No matter which way you look at it Coco, it is the devil you do, the devil you don’t. There are two stereo types meek and tearful, or shout loud and proud which people want to see. Yet what if you are a bit of both and that is not addressed well you’re stuck.
My nurse would say stay positive, but what if the positivity bug is creating a negative bubble. I personally started to ask why? Why can’t people shout, slam, throw their fists in the air if they feel it is needed. Why can’t we discuss the negatives of our treatment loud and proud like the pink brigade that is thrown in our face? Deep down we have all felt anger at varying points of our treatment so why can’t we express it? The truth is the cupboard that was with BC suffers so long ago is still wide open ready to silence the individual that upsets the balance.
I’m not sure who or what I represent in the fuzzy land of BC. Personally I dealt with my situation by filling my life with options. I just did not want cancer to claim me or change me. I did not want my young daughter to see me wither away over something I have no control over. Positivity or negativity to me or just decisions we make. Wrong or right if you feel you need to scream then to me bloody scream loud and hard, but the positivity brigade will ask, and what did that achieve?

Well it made me feel better... and not just another positive statistic sat on the sidelines following an intimidating representation of what BC suffers should be... We are born to question and not to just sit on the mute button. Even though our representation of the BC Land does not fit the jigsaw that is very much media controlled.

There are no wrongs or rights in this debate only a group of very rightfully angry ladies who are trying to make sense of their treatment, but again the right to show the true nature of cancer is very much being controlled. More and more females thanks to the bloggers sphere are shouting ‘No this is not my representation of cancer. WE honestly feel let down and wish that people would open their eyes to the reality of this disease’.

Common sentences used:
You talk about cancer too much.
Don’t you think you should focus on a positive rather than be negative?
Why are you negative all the time?
You need to get a life.
You’re not the only one affected by cancer.
If others can move on surely you can.
I’m sorry!

This list could keep going on and on. To me thank the Lord for the Cyber city we are building because now we do not have to feel we are the only ones with the same feelings. It is not peaches and roses and things do go wrong in the land of cancer. A lot more than we dare to admit! This is not a negative, but reality...

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