Sunday, 18 September 2011

Your Being Pro-active not Nagging!

My appointment at the hospital went well, but my GP made an error. Really I should have been sent for a MRI because it is not a hip problem. On arriving at the hospital I bumped into the radiologist nurse who has done my mammograms and was on her break. We wondered through the hospital to the x ray department chatting about my treatment. I mentioned the last registrar I saw was going to discharge me from the hospital and treatment. She was in shock and wanted to know his name. The nurse has seen me enough times to realise that I am not one to over react or be discharged. I told her I corrected him straight away, but I noted he had not really taken the time to even read my notes. If he had he would know I could not be discharged from clinic less than two years into treatment. I said that I would have run for the go free card if I knew I could monitor the situation myself, but even I am not that foolish.

The radiologist nurse with her bright smile said next time go up to the clinic and request to see Miss S even have it written on my notes so every appointment from now on my appointments are with her. I did not realise I could do this because she is the top consultant of oncology department and others in a more serious situation may need that time slot. The nurse assured me that Miss S would love to see me anyway because I tell her what is wrong rather than worry about details. It makes her job a lot easier just like how I kept on top of my right breast. Although I felt like people were seeing me as being over active. In the department the talk was totally different on my part she explained. They want to catch any cancer question marks as soon as possible. So by me telling them about changes to them is not being a nuisance it is actually being seen as being pro active towards my treatment and any possible further diagnoses.

Then the conversation moved onto why I was here now. I went into detail about my left leg and even she said it could be the sciatic nerve. It is such a common complaint seen in the hospital. She had her hands on her hips with disappointed eyes when I mentioned I’d been trying to solve it myself rather than be in hospital yet again. Then she explained that really I should have come straight away to have it checked. I agreed with a cheeky smile, but I feel I’m spending too much time in hospitals of late with minor grumbles. She straight away snapped and said Sarah what you have gone through is not minor and taking into account how quick it was caught was a miracle. To her being pro active over my health is seen as looking out for one’s own health interests never mind what others think.

We leave each other outside the ultra sound department and I am greeted with a message on the board. Apparently I am supposed to use the phone and call an extension number to inform the department I am here. There is no secretary the department is silent. The message says use the phone on the wall and there is no phone only the one on the reception desk. I walk over to a door that says staff only and knock on it. My favourite radiologist nurse pops her head out with what’s up Sarah? I pointed to the phone on the desk asking if that is supposed to be the wall phone she smiled. Yes she replied and she laughed at the message written. Don’t you think it should say desk rather than wall? I ask. She said ignore just tap in the extension number and someone should answer. Then she said cut backs don’t help means we can’t afford a secretary and with a smile she goes back into the staff room.

I am alone with my daughter at this appointment like all the rest really. My husband has gone on a one day bike ride in Wale’s. Something tells me he will be complaining in the morning about every ache and the fact he has not ridden a bike in years, but will I be sympathising to self infliction, nope.

I and my daughter are taken to a seating area in another part of the x ray department. I had brought some snacks to keep her occupied whilst we waited.  It did not take long before I’m laid on the bed and the gel is on my hip. The ultra sound man was brilliant he was a northerner. He talked to me whilst he took images of my hip and asked a few questions. He was surprised about my cancer journey, but also queried why I was having an ultra sound. To him it sounded like I had sciatica problem and really only a MRI of the back would pick that up. I shrugged my shoulders and said well my GP thought yet another x ray was not called for. He disagreed but still checked bother my hips as a comparison which he said was clear of any lesions or swelling. He said he was going to advise my GP to refer me for a MRI and physiotherapy. I asked if there was any way I could sort the issue myself and he said not really. I replied that’s it I’m in the knackers yard there is no going back now. He smiled at my stance on the whole situation. He tried to explain that the MRI was important to rule out any lesions. I calmly cut through what he was saying and said once upon a time you would have said lesion and I would not know what you were trying to say, just like calcification. Then I smiled and winked, but you know what it ain’t, it is just old age and a stubborn bloody nerve this time.  So I hear what you are telling me, I will visit my GP and request an MRI just to be thorough. Meantime I need to find a nice gent who can give me a hot massage and manipulate my joints a little me thinks and smiled.  Hey I got to be positive on this one...  and I left the room. Right Sophia lets go shopping and see what we can find and she smiles. Can I have a ice cream? because I was good

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