Sunday, 2 October 2011

The Filming of Culture Shock

I have had the most exciting two days of my life. Filming for the movie scenes I am in started Friday and yes I was nervous about it. When Steve Balderson says he films as he sees it he is right. The man is a director after my own heart; he and the cast were absolutely brilliant. The set was relaxed with easy simple instructions with laughter and adrenaline fuelled action scenes. The movie itself is an action movie not like any other Balderson movie, but still an indie movie with its simplicity. I cannot go into the Culture Shock storyline too much because it has yet to be finished and edited. It was a closed set with strict instructions to all cast members, but I would love to do it all again without a doubt. My scenes if not edited and thrown on the editing floor will surprise the doubters. I did it, I over came the doubt and proved I can act and bloody good too by all the comments that came from other cast members that were watching on. I asked the right question to the director and he guided me with a simple yes or no and he said for me to go for it so I did. I wish I could discuss the details so you could understand my excitement. But the movie is both serious, funny and kickass action which everyone must see. It was well written with the perfect cast picked even without me in it. All my worries had drifted away and Sarah is back with a fresh look on life, and yes I want to do it again and again and again.  BRING IT ON !!!!!!!

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