Friday, 14 October 2011

Rebel of a Lymph Node....

Doodle Dandy
There is never a dull moment in cancer land. Today I spent two hours in hospital because a lump in my armpit needed to be checked out. It has been there for some time now, but it had decided to get a little bit bigger. So after I got my husband to check the lump was there and it was not me on the hypochondria train. I booked an appointment to visit the breast clinic for today. Was I nervous yes because I have never had a lump before now? Once the clinic had a good grope of both breasts and then examined my armpit on the right side they agreed it was better to air on the side of caution. My reply to the registrar was, ‘So I’m not a nuttier then?’ he smiled and said, ‘No you are not a nuttier.’  This made me feel better because I’d been playing with my mischievous lymph node for three months. I replied and I thought I had found a tinny friend in my armpit, but it turns out its not quite a friend. He laughed at my humorous comment and I was booked in to have an ultra sound of my breast and the lymph, along with a full blood works as routine.

My right breast wants to remain a rebel after losing its partner in crime and to be honest I don’t blame it. Poor buggar has been squished and jabbed even bits taken away, so no wonder it has a strop on and now my lymph wants to join in the fun and games. The thing is at least it is being dealt with minus the constant pain from the last lot of examinations I endured on this breast in January.

Tomorrow I am meeting up with a group of Maggie friends for another art class at a different hospital, so I am not dwelling on the outcome of today’s events. In fact I am finding a new way to distract me from the fog of cancer land and that is art therapy.  

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