Monday, 24 October 2011

W.E. Premiere and a Needle Aspiration OUCHHHH!

Yesterday I went to the premiere of W.E. and lucky to be given a ticket to go inside. To be perfectly honest I thought the movie was very, very, good. The hype that she was heckled by fans was utter crap. She was heckled by the dealers of autographs, and she was advised by security to keep a distant because of a possible crush on fans. The dealers were doing a run to try gain Madonna’s autograph. A run is when they dash the line at the back of people pushing forward to gain as many autographs as possible, but Madonna decided not to sign and they responded by heckling. The bit the media don’t tell you is the value of that particular signature which can be £300 plus. Not only that but you had the ‘Tin, Tin’ premiere on the same day. The autograph dealers were split between gaining Spielberg or Madonna. Spielberg did not turn up at his premiere so the spillage of dealers zoomed in on Madonna. I saw arguments and fans being driven away because they felt threatened by the dealers. I decided to not bring Sophia to this premiere because I knew it was going to turn nasty. It also gave me time just to relax before the hospital appointment the following day.

My appointment at the hospital went really well and I’m just waiting on the results. I managed to grit my teeth through the mammogram and swear at a needle aspiration. My friendly lump was a cyst, but the little beggar is no more. They told me not to get excited and wait on the medical panel, but they feel the problem has been resolved.

So what next, well I have a modelling assignment for Friday for Breast Cancer Research and a demo for a TV show. Plus tomorrow I have a Premiere ‘Anonymous’ to attend with Sophia. I had to turn down a plane passenger advert down yesterday which miffed me off because cash is cash. Plus I have an art project for me and Sophia to attend on Saturday. So my week is full and hopefully next week will be just as busy.


  1. Hi, Sweet Sarah. Just popping in to say hello. Been busy with home reno stuff -- much nicer than getting my knickers in a twist over the wholesale pinkification of October that's going on over here.

    I'm glad it was just a cyst. xxxx

  2. Hi Kathi,

    Still waiting on results, but yes it was a relief. A little bit bruised from yesterdays adventure with the needle. I'm doing some modellin on Friday in mastectomy wear for the hospital I'm at, so hoping the bruising is gone by then. Thank the lord there is not one drop of pink involved. I Get to keep the pieces I model too whooop whooopp lol.

    Hope your ok hun sending hugs across the water right at you xxx