Sunday, 6 November 2011

A cuddle and a Painting

It is strange how in one day a total stranger can give you more cuddles in five minutes, than your husband has given you in one whole year. I am not the type of person, who allows strangers to cuddle me, but this individual just burst forth with arms like an octopus and it felt genuine. It was not out of pity even though the conversation did surround cancer and the use of woolly hats. It was more a hug of hope, that somehow there is light at the end of this dark tunnel. The word sorry was not mentioned or at least I can’t remember it. The conversation was funny, witty, warm and natural, but I will never see this person again. Yet it felt like an old friend who was playing catch up.  

Also today I and Sophia went to The ‘Arthur Christmas’ World Premiere. We managed to get tickets to see the film inside which was an early 7th birthday present for Sophia. On Sophia’s 7th birthday I will be getting my nipple tattoo or the start of it. I have already said I don’t want to see them doing it. It has nothing to do with the tattoo itself, but more to do with the sensation. If I don’t see I won’t panic and the job will get done with zero drama. All I want is a curtain and someone to chat too and I’m happy.

Breakthrough Breast Cancer has asked me to sign a release form for images taken at the modelling slot I did at the hospital. And I completed a painting I did of my father in law at my art therapy class at ‘The Maggie Centre’.

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